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ReVeDA stands for “Research Vectors through Design and Arts,” and started as a Working group in 2014 born with the intent to develop both a quantitative and qualitative map through the Cumulus Community about the topic of Research in Arts and Design. The primary aim of ReVeDa is to offer an open space for discussion on research in Design and the Arts, while showcasing experiences developed within the Cumulus Community, outside of any particular taxonomy and methodological dogmatism.

Compared to other scientific fields, Research in Arts and Design has a young history and as a consequence, it has a problematic acknowledgment within the academic institutions and the society. The ReVeDA Book, a planned Cumulus Think Tank publication, collects a report of all the activities, methodologies, and instruments used during a Survey to the Cumulus community; it will present infographic maps showing key vectors of research through Design and the Arts.

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