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Programs & Initiatives

Discover a diverse set of offerings organized around global opportunities and timely topics in art and design education and research. These range from special grant programs to global initiatives that bring together our members and partners around issues of critical significance for art and design education and research.

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Cumulus for Ukraine

Learn more about member and partner initiatives and ways to contribute to support the Ukrainian art and design education and research community.

Cumulus New European Bauhaus

This is a multi-prong initiative that engages members in Cumulus’ official partnership with The New European Bauhaus and brings a global emphasis to the effort.

Cumulus PhD Network

The program provides a platform where Ph.D. coordinators, faculty, and the Cumulus doctoral student community come together to collaborate and further knowledge exchange among peers.

Cumulus Plus Grant Program

With this signature scholarship program for university-based colleagues from non-member institutions, Cumulus expands access to its conferences and community through special outreach calls twice a year.

Cumulus Solidarity Initiative

The Cumulus Solidarity initiative aims to build on longstanding efforts by Cumulus to expand affordances for access to its knowledge base and membership.

Cumulus Student Ambassador Program

Conceived as a selective merit-based initiative that rewards exceptional student talent from the Cumulus community, student ambassadors as global envoys of exceptional talent that represent their institutions in Cumulus conferences.

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