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By joining Cumulus you gain access to unique opportunities only provided by the largest, design-led network of its kind. From international coalitions to leadership opportunities, Cumulus offers a one-of-a-kind platform for engagement at a global scale.

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Full members participate in the governance of the association via the annual General Assembly (GA) and benefit from unique leadership opportunities and voting rights along with the full offering of Cumulus resources.

Associate Membership

As an associate member, you enjoy “observer status” with the association and can participate in the annual General Assembly. However, associate membership precludes you from the leadership and voting rights of a full member.

For me, Cumulus is and should be a platform to promote beautiful, meaningful, and respectful interactions between human beings and the environment.

Albert Fuster Marti
Professor, Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, Spain

Cumulus Membership Benefits

Cumulus membership empowers you through an array of benefits and resources, elevating your institution alongside distinguished art and design peers.

Grow and learn with a global community

Cumulus is a forum to establish lasting connections with international colleagues. Whether it is through Cumulus conferences, global student competitions, Cumulus Working Groups, or special initiatives, your membership opens the door to meet like-minded peers who share a commitment to internationalization and mutual learning.

Grow and learn with a global community
Experience one-of-a-kind conferences

You and your institutional colleagues (faculty, staff, and students) will be able to participate in bi-annual conferences co-organized by our member institutions. Each convening is curated as an opportunity to enrich faculty publishing venues and bring together new insights about our disciplines and how they are taught, researched, and practiced around the world. All Cumulus conferences share a common vision beyond all of their diversity: to create learning environments that foster networking, collaboration, and knowledge exchange in an open and friendly atmosphere.

Network to shape the future

Cumulus is, first and foremost, your association. The Cumulus “family” represents a closely-knit network.You will have the ability to connect, collaborate and be a hands-on participant to influence the strategic direction of our programs and leverage new leadership opportunities.

Access global opportunities

Your membership will be highlighted with a dedicated institutional profile on our homepage- a dynamic map of the great institutions of art and design worldwide. Your membership will also invite you to create a set of individual member accounts for stakeholders you might designate to engage in our digital ecosystem of resources. Our Secretariat team will be there to assist you in amplifying your programming via our website, newsletter, and our global communication channels and social media. We can help you spread the word: whether it is about sending announcements on seminars, symposia, exhibitions, competitions, job searches, and more.

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