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Mission, Vision & Values

Acting both as a compass and our North Star, our mission, vision and values represent what we stand for and where we want to go in the future.

Our Mission

We are a dynamic forum for knowledge exchange and best practices and a committed advocate for the positive role of designers and artists in shaping a better world.

Our Vision

To be the premier global network that brings together art and design educational institutions of higher learning to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange in pedagogy, research, and practice, forming a community that leads by design and promotes the role of designers and artists in creating sustainable and humane futures for all.

Our Values

Cumulus is a diverse global family, bound together by a multiplicity of experiences and perspectives that inform every decision we make and every action we take.

The following four core values underpin our vision and guide our collective aspirations as a community.

  • We value excellence and innovation in art, design and media.
  • We value the power of dialogue and global engagement.
  • We value the diversity of our members and the plurality of their approaches to pedagogy, research and practice.
  • We value the social and environmental responsibility of our disciplines.

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