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Looking for educational and inspirational content from the Cumulus network? We invite you to visit the Cumulus Connects YouTube channel for an archive of expert talks and global, interactive conversations.

30th Anniversary Film Series

In the context of a Cumulus 30 year anniversary, we commissioned New Zealand filmmaker Niamn Peren to capture the history of the association and our members’ vision for its future.

We invite you to listen to her artist statement here and watch the Cumulus leadership interview series and the short film she conceived with our members’ voices about the future of Cumulus.

Cumulus Interview Series Part 1

Yrjö Sotamaa

Cumulus Interview Series Part 2

Raimo Nikkanen

Cumulus Interview Series Part 3

Eija Salmi

Cumulus Interview Series Part 4

Christian Guellerin

Cumulus Interview Series Part 5

Luisa Collina

Cumulus Interview Series Part 6

Mariana Amatullo

Happy Birthday from Cumulus Secretariat Team

Cumulus 30th Anniversary

Celebrating Cumulus 30th
Anniversary – Short Film

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