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This website project is the outcome of a unique process of collaboration and multi-disciplinary expertise from many individuals across multiple time zones, institutions, and organizations—a process that in many ways reflects the global diversity and distributed nature of our association.

Thank you to the incredible team at noformat for your creativity, professionalism, and commitment to our partnership with Cumulus. Your ability to craft such a multi-layered digital home for our global association provides us with a dynamic platform that will be exciting to see evolve.

We celebrate Karen Davison, the California-based designer of the Cumulus Association brand identity system, unveiled to our members in 2021. Karen worked tirelessly to support noformat to fully deploy the dynamic visual language she conceived for our association. Your mastery of graphic design is evident across every page of the site. We are in awe of your talent and grace. 

A big thank you goes to Justyna Molik at Aalto University, the Secretariat Lead on this project, who provided crucial institutional knowledge and operational know-how during every step of our work. Justyna’s active involvement in the Website committee we formed in our Cumulus Executive Board (CEB VII, 2019-2022 term) to make this effort a reality was essential and also made possible with the additional support of Anna Lindberg and Eija Salmi. We launched the website initiative as part of our association’s strategic plan in Medellín, Colombia, in 2019.  My thanks to everyone from the Board for their support of the initiative in these past two years.

My final shout-out goes to my peers on our Board Website Committee: Robin Turner (chair), Josė Allard, Adam de Eyto, and Philipp Heidkamp. It was a privilege for me to serve as the Lead Strategist and Editor for the website and to learn from and work alongside each of you on this project. Our committee brought different cultural perspectives, research insights, information design expertise, strategic direction, storytelling, a sense of humor, and more. It was an exceptional experience to participate in this team. I applaud everyone for their incredible contributions and selfless work as stewards of our association on this project.

It is a truism that all website commissions are significant undertakings for every organization. On behalf of the full Cumulus Executive Board and the Cumulus Secretariat, thank you to all of you, Cumulus members, for trusting us with this consequential task.

Mariana Amatullo, PhD
President, Cumulus Association
November 2021

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