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30 +Years of Evolution

Cumulus has evolved and realized remarkable growth since its founding, establishing itself as an academic forum for a diversity of approaches to art and design education and research globally.
Founded in 1990 as a co-operation network between leading European art, design and media universities, Cumulus was born as a platform to foster collaboration and student and faculty mobility within the European Union Erasmus programme.

Granted official association status in 2001, and becoming international in 2006, Cumulus has continued to expand ever since and now spans all five continents.

Throughout its history, Cumulus has served as an advocate for the strategic role of design and the arts in addressing the global challenges we face as a human community inhabiting a planet with finite resources.

Significant milestones pay testament to the far-reaching influence of our association. The signing of the Kyoto Design Declaration in 2008, our 2011 UNESCO non-governmental designation, and the signature Cumulus Green competition are examples of our commitment to amplifying the work of our members towards creating a humane and sustainable future for all.

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