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Associate Membership

As an associate member, you enjoy “observer status” with the association and can participate in the annual General Assembly. However, associate membership precludes you from the leadership and voting rights of a full member.


To qualify for associate membership, institutions must satisfy the following:
  • Be a private sector company, professional association, non-degree granting institution, or promotional association committed to art and/or design
  • Engage in Cumulus activities and/or advocate for Cumulus members


Associate members must pay an annual membership fee determined by their profit status and size.

Cumulus membership automatically renews annually, unless the member institution notifies the Cumulus Secretariat in writing of its desire to leave the association.

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Member Application Process

Cumulus membership inquiries and applications may be submitted on a rolling basis. The application is processed for review as part of one annual intake in January.**

New members are accepted upon the Executive Board endorsement and that of the annual Cumulus General Assembly which takes place in April-June of each calendar year.

Non-profit institutions: 1.500€
For profit institutions (<20 employees): 2.000€
For profit institutions (21-150 employees): 3.000€
For profit institutions (>151 employees): 5.000€s: 1.200€

Note that there is no fee to apply.••

Application Steps

The steps articulated below are required to complete your membership process. Please note that you must contact the Cumulus Secretariat who will guide you through the online system to submit your application!

Contact the Secretariat at [email protected].


Request a membership application form by emailing our Secretariat at [email protected]. This form is digital and must be submitted online.

The form includes a set of comprehensive questions pertaining to your institutional mission and overview of operations and financial information.


Fill out and submit the endorsement letter digitally. The letter must be submitted with original signature(s) on your official institutional stationary in PDF form as part of your application to [email protected].


Recommendation letters are not mandatory for this category but strongly suggested.

Important Dates 2024

January 26, 2024

Application deadline.

February 2024

New applicants reviewed at next Executive Board meeting.

March 2024

All applicants notified of the Executive Board’s recommendation for membership.

May 2024

Applicants positively reviewed are invited to the Cumulus General Assembly where their membership is ratified and they join the association.

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