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Cumulus PhD Network

The program provides a platform where Ph.D. coordinators, faculty, and the Cumulus doctoral student community come together to collaborate and further knowledge exchange among peers.
An emerging initiative that holds unique promise
Launched in December 2020 with a member survey circulated by the Cumulus Secretariat to solicit participation and expressions of interest from our association’s community, the Cumulus Ph.D. network aims to develop a community of practice among Cumulus member institutions running doctoral programs and seeking to share learnings and opportunities.

An additional objective for the network is to create a dynamic space for Ph.D. candidates to share their research and leverage the vast global knowledge base of the Cumulus global academic community.

Participating Member feedback has already identified preliminary areas of interest that the Network will explore and further define. Emerging ideas for possible areas of emphasis include:

  • Harnessing the role of Cumulus as a connector to establish joint programs and co-supervision opportunities between doctoral programs between various member universities
  • Exploring peer-to-peer exchange and collaboration through Ph.D. seminars at Cumulus conferences and other online convenings dedicated to doctoral candidates’ research
  • Fostering collaboration among Ph.D. supervisors and amplifying access to share international resources and insights about funding sources and more
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Ongoing Opportunities for Engagement

We invite all members to watch this space and forthcoming calls for participation, updates on future convenings and more opportunities to come!

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