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Mission Statement

The Design Degrees at Sapienza University of Rome reply to the growing market demand for professional profiles able to operate in the emergent production sectors, from Product to Service, from Communication to the new Media.

Faculties and Departments

The Design Degrees at Sapienza University of Rome are managed by the Faculty of Architecture and supported by the Unit of Design of the Department of Planning, Design, Technology of Architecture.


Bachelor Level Programs

Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design (3 year program) taught in Italian:

  • 180 students are admitted per year
  • main topics: Product Design, Communication Design, Exhibit and Public Design
  • more info at: http://corsidilaurea.uniroma1.it/it/corso/2017/disegno-industriale

Chair prof. Sabrina Lucibello

on FB: Disegno Industriale alla Sapienza di Roma



Master Level Programs

Master of Science in Product & Service Design (2 year program) taught in English:

  • maximum 60 students are admitted per year (30 students from Extra EU Countries, 30 students from EU Countries)
  • main topics: Design Thinking, Systemic Design, Design for Interaction, Design for Digital Fabrication, Design and New Materials, Design for Social and Service Innovation, Critical Design, Design for Innovation
  • more info at: http://web.uniroma1.it/msproductdesign/

Chair prof. Loredana Di Lucchio

on FB: Master of Science in Product Design Sapienza Rome


Master of Science in Design and Visual and Multimedia Communication (2 year program) taught in Italian:

  • maximum 60 students are admitted per year
  • main topics: Visual Design, Public Design, Communication Design, Design for Cultural Heritage, Infographic Design
  • more info at: http://corsidilaurea.uniroma1.it/it/corso/2017/design-comunicazione-visiva-e-multimediale-lm-12

Chair prof. Carlo Martino

on FB: Design Comunicazione Visiva e Multimediale alla Sapienza di Roma

Research Activity and Main Areas

The research activities in the field of Design are developed in Sapienza Università di Roma by the following academic structures:

– the inter-departmental Centre ‘Sapienza Design Research’ for the development of high-level interdisciplinary research in Advanced Design, which groups professors from different Disciplines (Product Design, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Visual and Graphic Design, User Experience)

– the Unit of Design within the Department of ‘Planning, Design, Technology for Architecture’ whit 3 specific focus on: Design for Post-Industrial Society, Design for and with new Materials, Design for Cultural Heritage and Public Spaces. 

– the Research Laboratory ‘Sapienza Design Factory’, which develops experimental activities in the field of Design for Digital Fabbrication;

– the Research Laboratory ‘Photomedialab’ which develops experimental activities in the fields of Exhibit and Communication Design;

– the Research Unit on ‘Usability and Accessibility’ which develops joint-research with companies in the fields of Design for User Experiences and Human-Computer Interfaces.

Doctorate Level Programs

PhD Program in Planning, Design, Technology of Architecture (3 years program) taught in Italian:

– 12 positions (9 positions with scholarships) + maximum 4 position for Foreign Students

– three main curricula in:

      – Urban Planning (curriculum coordinator: prof. Emanuela Belfiore)

      – Product Design (curriculum coordinator prof. Lorenzo Imbesi)

      – Sustainable Technologies for Architecture (curriculum coordinator prof. Luciano Cupelloni)

– more info at (http://en.uniroma1.it/node/12968)

Coordinator: prof. Fabrizio Tucci

Design Chair: prof. Lorenzo Imbesi

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

at the Bachelor level (3 year program taught in Italian):

  • Product Design
  • Communication Design
  • Exhibit and Public Design

at the Master level (2 year Programs):

  • Product and Service Design (taught in English)
  • Visual, Multimedia and Communication Design (taught in Italian)

Application Deadlines

The Erasmus Office of the Faculty of Architecture is available for any information about the Students and Professors Exchange:

  • link: http://www.architettura.uniroma1.it/uffici/ufficio-erasmus
  • general mail of contact: [email protected]
  • for the Design Degrees taught in Italian: prof. Federica Dal Falco, [email protected]
  • for the Design Degrees taught in English: prof. Viktor Malakuczi, [email protected]

Teaching Languages

in Italian:

  • Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design
  • Master of Science in Design and Visual and Multimedia Communication

in English

  • Master of Science in Product Design

In Sapienza several Language Laboratories are organized in order to learn Italian, as well as, other foreign languages. For any other information: Hello – International Student Help Desk and Orientation Centre (http://en.uniroma1.it/Hello)

Semester Dates

1st semester: from October to January (examination weeks on February)

2nd semester: from March to June (examination weeks on July)

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Studying costs

  • fees and working materials: around 3000€ per year
  • no tuition under exchange agreements

(more information on http://en.uniroma1.it/study-us/tuition-scholarships)

Living Costs

  • shared room might around 350/400€ per month
  • annual transport pass: around 250€
  • food and outings: around150€ per month

(more information at http://en.uniroma1.it/Hello)


Bachelor: 524
Master: 120 + 120
Doctorate: 12+12+12

Teaching Staff

Professors: 35
Part-time Teachers: 15

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