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We are happy to share the 4th publication in the Cumulus Think Tank series.

ReVeDA: An Investigation of Research by Art, Design and Media in Cumulus Association
Edited by: Loredana Di Lucchio, Angela Giambattista, Lorenzo Imbesi
Published by: Cumulus Association ry, Finland 2023

ISSN (Electronic) 2490-0486
ISBN (PDF) 978-952-7549-00-1

ReVeDA means Research Vectors in Design and the Arts and started as a Working Group in Cumulus since 2014. The primary aim of ReVeDA is to offer an open space for discussion on research in Design and the Arts, while showcasing experiences developed within the Cumulus Community and locally in the conference hosting institution. This volume collects the results of the mapping activity promoted by ReVeDA WG with the aim to explore the research in Design, Arts and New Media within the Cumulus members. Both Art and Design found in the territory of research their common languages of ways of knowing, where often practice led theory. If we compare to other scientific fields, the research through Design, Art and Media has a young history and as a consequence, it has a problematic acknowledgment within the academic institutions and the society. At the same time, a wide demand is emerging to lead innovation and strategies for the development of products and services, both for society and business. Nevertheless, the research has the opportunity nowadays to give an important support for the solution of complex problems we never faced before.

PDF downloadable here.
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