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New Spaces/New Interiors
Contemporary approaches to methods and cultural scenarios for learning and didactic experiences

The intention is to create within the framework of Cumulus an interior design community and to explore themes of interest within education, research and practice.

Knowing that the theme is wide and the actors present in Cumulus are coming from different cultural, historical and academic backgrounds, this working group intends to create moments to meet and exchange without borders. For instance, the wg could share information and best practices on how teaching ‘space’ design since after the second half of the 1970s, has been increasingly influential in delineating new types of space. How space can be flexible, hybrid, temporarily set up and reversible, dense with cultural, anthropological, emotional meanings, a space contaminated (but enriched) by art, communication, fashion,… and also profoundly technological, sustainable and last frontier, inclusive.

We believe that the CWG could be the right place to develop through the different Cumulus conferences a thread to keep alive the conversation and a constant update on the evolution of the discipline of Space and Interior Design.

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