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Universidad del Rosario

Faculty of Creative Studies

Bogota , Colombia Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

The institutional mission of the Universidad del Rosario, which includes the definition given by its founder and is maintained throughout its 370 years of history, is defined as follows: "Provide a solid ethical and humanistic training that, together with research and suitable and demanding teaching, allows this educational community to fully train distinguished people and act for the benefit of society, with a maximum sense of responsibility."

International Role

We are a University that transforms ideas into innovations at the service of the common good, with global recognition and a benchmark in Colombia and Latin America for its academic offer and excellent research, as well as, for its commitment to building the country in conjunction with the regions.

We are a sustainable university that promotes knowledge-generating experiences for all members of its community, that forms leaders with social commitment and a humanistic, international and intercultural vocation that extends beyond borders.

National Role

The Universidad del Rosario is one of the oldest in Colombia. It has been characterized by its leading role in the accompaniment of the economic, political and social development of the country since its foundation in 1653. Since then, it has been a cradle of national critical thought and has been a standard bearer of the historical evolution of Colombia. In this sense, its history and long tradition support learning processes that adapt, in an innovative way, to the challenges of an increasingly changing and globalized society

Main Focus

The Faculty of Creative Studies, FaCrea, is an interdisciplinary project of academia, research / creation and extension in action that integrates culture, creative and cultural industries, crafts, entrepreneurship, management, the arts, design and architecture in a unique educational and experiential experience with a special emphasis on the global south. FaCrea is a community of artists, students, teachers, researchers, makers, creative and cultural leaders who believe in professional training for an interdisciplinary future and that requires comprehensive, creative, resourceful and innovative views.

Faculties and Departments

Universidad del Rosario has five faculties and four schools, namely: Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Jurisprudence, Faculty of Creative Studies, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of International, Political and Urban Studies; School of Medicine and Health Sciences, School of Business Administration, School of Human Sciences and School of Engineering, Science and Technology.

Bachelor Level Programs

The Faculty of Creative Studies has at present a successful musical theater production company called MISI Productions, a musical theater school for kids and teenagers called MISI Musical Theater School and 5 five undergraduate programs: A program in (1) Arts with minors in Visual Arts, Digital Arts and Performance Arts; a program in (2) Architecture with minors in Sustainable Architecture, Ephemeral Architecture and Urban and Regional Design; a program in (3) Design with minors in Industrial Design, Visual Communication, Fashion and Textile Design, Experience and Service Design, Videogame Design and Animation; a program in (4) Musical Theater with immersive studies in Interpretation, pedagogy and Production and a program in (5) Creatives Studies with minors in Creative Industries and all of the above. These programs function within a Mayor/Minor structure and common foundation years. 

Research Activity and Main Areas

FaCrea's Research group is called: Group of Creative Studies. It has two main research areas:

1st area: Creation and research in interdisciplinary and creative practices.

Objective of the area: Carry out research and creation projects that bring together architecture, arts, design, music, creative industries, theatre and dance.

2nd area: Colombia's ancestral knowledges and crafts: territory, society and environment.

Objective of the Line: Carry out projects that participate in the safeguarding, dissemination and promotion of traditional and contemporary knowledges and craft trades in Colombia

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Universidad del Rosario is open to receive students in our 9 faculties:

  • Management
  • Law
  • Natural Sciences
  • Creative Studies
  • Human Sciences
  • Medicine and health sciences
  • Economy
  • International, political and urban studies
  • Engineering, science and technology

Application Deadlines

  • For first semester exchange (january – june): second week of october
  • For second semester exchange (july – november): second week of april

Teaching Languages

spanish / some courses taught in english

Semester Dates

  • Autumn semester: late july – end of november
  • Spring semester: late january – end of may

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

USD 1000 per month (studying and living) for an exchange student


Bachelor: 10261
Master: 3867
Doctorate: 80

Exchange Students

Incoming: 100
Outgoing: 127

Teaching Staff

Professors: 620
Lectures: 1266

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