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JD Institute of Fashion Technology New Delhi

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Mission Statement

Our Mission

With a legacy of 35 years, each day the institution has strived to make design education accessible to individuals who are passionate on the subject. We believe design does not function in vacuum, hence the curriculum includes interdisciplinary projects and also motivates students to look beyond and create universal prototypes. We are committed to moulding each individual at par with their global counterparts by providing the latest industry-oriented global programs, cutting-edge techniques/ infrastructure, advanced facilities, latest a resource library to help young aspirants construct their way ahead to give shape to their unique Imagination with help from the leading industry experts.

International Role

JD Institute of Fashion Technology is the first Indian Design institute to start Fashion and Design programs in London. But then ‘firsts’ is what JD has been about since 1988, when the institute became the first initiative in fashion education by a private player, twenty-seven trailblazing years later, firsts continue. This is a short-term residential program where students do a course with various Universities & Design Institutes.  The culmination of this course leads to a professional fashion photoshoot or a 3D prototype. The Institute had been working closely with London college of fashion, University of the Arts, London.

JD Institute of Fashion Technology is the official institutional partner for the India Fashion Week London, wherein the Institute provides an excellent opportunity for its alumni to display their work and students to become the next Gen Star by exhibiting their remarkable talent at an international level.

Fashion and cinema were one of the first to cross borders and gain appreciation from the foreign audience, as an institution it was important to provide opportunities for our students to carry their expression through both these mediums. Our founder, Mr. RC Dalal, also established the India Film Festival Worldwide, which promotes Indian cinema around the world, showcasing culture, talent, and fashion. With successful collaborations and events held at Norway, Poland, Vietnam and Moscow, our students got a chance to showcase their talent on multiple platforms.


National Role

The Institute has been a firm believer of the phrase “the world’s your oyster” and that’s exactly what it expects all Jediiians to believe. Learning cannot happen in a vacuum and innovation cannot happen alone. The world will always look towards a generation of problem solvers that we wish to create through collaborative efforts. Hence, we seek universities/ institutions/Industry  who have similar principals to become partners for our global classroom initiative. Making design more inclusive. 

To make design education accessible to all in India, we have cemented our presence in more than 15 cities. With one mission to provide high quality Education to students from all over the country, including the tier two and tier three cities, especially at a time when the elemental awareness about any program in the fields of Fashion Design or Design, in general, was vastly restricted.

Being an educator for the past 35 years, the Institute has collaborated with renowned brands, global communities, professional skill providers and international fashion weeks to help the students get an extra edge over others.

The Institute is –

  • An official institutional partner for the India Fashion Week London
  • Creative partner with Adobe
  • Institutional member of Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID)
  • Educational member of Association of Designers of India (ADI)
  • Associated with WGSN for providing expertise in fashion and lifestyle forecasting, data analytics, crowd- sourced design validation and expert consulting, introducing the Jediiians to greater research and understanding of International Design Trends and Forecasting, thus bestowing an industry oriented global perspective.

JD Institute of Fashion Technology has been accorded an "Accreditation Certificate" for Fashion Designer by Apparels, Made-Ups & Home Furnishing Sector Skill Council (AMHSSC) to make students industry-ready and give them a competitive edge to succeed in the skill-oriented creative roles. AMHSSC has been authorized by NSDC for evolving assessing proficiencies of skills of trainees for the apparel sector, made-ups, and home furnishing for their respective subject areas. National Skill Development Corporation, under the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Govt. Of India has extended its certification to our courses. This affiliation with the NSDC will align the training provided by JD Institute with the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) and is also endorsed by National Occupational Standards (NOS).

JD Institute of Fashion Technology is an Industry Collaborator of Subharti University, Meerut, under which the university has started the course of Bachelor in design and Master in design with the Institute. This would help the candidate to attain a degree from university and industry expertise from JD institute which has a legacy of 35 years in design education.


Main Focus

A good design makes civilisation efficient, a responsible design makes civilisation evolve and a bad design challenges the very same civilisation. It is amazing how everything we touch, see, and engage with , is designed. The institution aims to educate young minds about these differences and to explore how design could improve our surroundings through structured learning. We were one of the first to bring design education to Indian shores and we expect to be the first to make India a design capital because first is what JD does.We also believe academic learning can never happen in isolation, hence the curriculum ensures designated industry hours in form of field trips, live projects and simulations to use their in-classroom learning on real-time scenarios.

A global team of mentors and professors helps keep our students more engaged through unconventional teaching styles that are highly interactive and practical in nature. The students attempt a series of challenging and experimental assessment processes like , interdisciplinary  projects , reports on attending international conferences , live projects , time bound problems as part of their evaluation requirement.

Faculties and Departments

Department of Fashion Design

Department of Interior Design

Department of Communication Design

Department of Jewellery Design

Department of Photography

Department of Visual Merchandising

Bachelor Level Programs

Undergraduate Programs

  • UG – Communication Design 4 Years (Industrial Collaboration with Subharti University)

  • UG – Interior Design 3 Years (Industrial Collaboration With Subharti University)

  • UG – Fashion Design 4 Years (Industrial Collaboration with Subharti University)

  • UG – Interior Design 3 Years

  • UG – Fashion Design 3 Years


Diploma Programs

  • Advance Diploma – Interior Design 2 Years

  • Advance Diploma – Fashion Design 2 Years

  • Diploma – Interior Design 1 Year

  • Diploma – Fashion Business Management 1 Year

  • Diploma – Jewellery Design 1 Year

  • Diploma – Fashion Design 1 Year

  • Diploma – Textile Design 1 Year


Short Term/ Certificate Programs

  • Certificate – Garment Manufacturing Technology 3 Months

  • Certificate – Pattern Making Technology 3 Months

  • Certificate – Vaastu Shastra 3 Months

  • Certificate – Visual Merchandising 3 Months

  • Certificate – Apparel Boutique Management 6 Months

  • Certificate – Jewellery Design 6 Months

  • Certificate – Fashion Photography 3 Months

  • Certificate – Fashion Styling 6 Months

  • Makeup Artistry – 7 Weeks

  • Makeup Artistry – 20 Weeks

Master Level Programs

Postgraduate Programs

PG – Fashion Design 2 years (Industrial Collaboration with Subharti University)

PG – Interior Design 2 years (Industrial Collaboration with Subharti University)


PG – Luxury Brand Management 2 years

Research Activity and Main Areas

Research is crucial atJD Institute of Fashion Technology as it allows for the exploration and discovery of new ideas, techniques and methodologies in the field of fashion , interior and communication design. 

Aspiring designers are taught the correct ways of research in their foundation years from understanding how to select credible sources , to identifying most accurate qualitative and quantitative research channels and finally making a non bias conclusion. 

It helps in staying updated with the latest industry trends and in developing a deeper understanding of the subject. Through research, students and faculty can gain a competitive edge and contribute to the advancement of the field. Additionally, research also helps in shaping the curriculum and pedagogy of the institute, making it more relevant and effective. JD Institute places a strong emphasis on research to ensure that its students are well-equipped to succeed in the design industry.

Some key areas where our students are currently researching are sustainable fabrication (identifying additional materials that are better food source for bacteria to escalate the decomposing process ) , a standard commercial kitchen that is designed around reducing , reusing and recycling food and water wastage , and modular safety bunkers for war zones.


Bachelor: 652
Master: 126

Teaching Staff

Professors: 7
Lectures: 15
Part-time Teachers: 30

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