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Mission Statement

The University of Tuscia and the design unit intend to participate in and stimulate international research collaborations and wants to promote the horizontal transfer of specific knowledge in the sense of a common growth of Collective Intelligence (Pierre Levy).

Main Focus

The main focus of their activities is on training and research in the field of product and interface design, with a specific vocation towards sustainable and technologically advanced products.
Currently, didactics is concentrated on a single bachelor's degree course, to which a master's degree will soon be added.

Faculties and Departments

The design unit is part of a larger multidisciplinary department, which is the Department of Economics, Engineering, Society and Enterprise (DEIM) at the University of Tuscia. This proximity with technical, economic and social disciplines allows the design unit to gain a strategic position of analysis and action with respect to the issues of social complexity and its relationship with technology and innovation. 

Bachelor Level Programs

The degree courses are characterised by an emphasis on themes such as sustainability and the relationship with local production contexts, as well as specific research activity on the themes of energy innovation and the green transition.

Design for sustainable industry and territory, BA in Industrial Design

Doctorate Level Programs

Within the PhD in Engineering, some positions are dedicated to profiles related to energy design and AI


Bachelor: 400

Exchange Students

Incoming: 10
Outgoing: 8
Others: 3

Teaching Staff

Professors: 12
Lectures: 7
Part-time Teachers: 1

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