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Mission Statement

In the age of globalization, the creation of contemporary creative and cultural contents related to development of local, national and cross cultural  identity, and entrepreneurial mindset is the key. Creating World Class entrepreneurs is our institute’s tagline, since the founder of the University, Ir. Ciputra, a property businessman (Ciputra Group) whose business became the backbone in the university’s management and especially the School of Creative Industry. The School of Creative Industry’s main goal is To be a faculty that creates world-class Entrepreneurs with Integrity-Professionalism-Entrepreneurship   character and nationalism in the field of Creative Industry, who can contribute positively to the nation and humanity).

That mission then translated into two visions, the first one is to implement three pillars of higher education (Teaching, Research and Community Outreach) in the field of Creative Industry and entrepreneurship according to national & international quality standards). And the second one is to entrepreneurially manage the faculty in accordance with the principles of good governance.

The mission steps above aim to realise education, research, and community service in the Creative Industry and Entrepreneurship field, realising School of Creative Industry which is entrepreneurially managed, and to realise School of Creative Industry with both national and international quality.

International Role

The promise to create a world-class entrepreneur signifies UC’s commitment to provide a global exposure for the students. School of Creative Industry . We have global exposure that is designed such as summer short courses, student exchange, dual degrees, and international conferences. Other activities that are usually carried out outside of those things and had done by other faculties such as international joint design project, international design colloquiums, international exhibitions, international webinar, international design competitions, and international conferences.

Some of our global partners are spread all around the world, such as Asia (University Teknologi Malaysia, Unversiti Utara Malaysia, University Sains Malaysia, Dong Seo University Korea, Rangsit University Thailand, Assumption University Thailand, Da Yeh University Taiwan, Chaoyang University of Technology Taiwan, Kun Shan University Taiwan), USA (Kauffman foundation), Australia (Curtin University, Swinburne University), and Europe (Coventry University-UK, University of Suffolk-UK).

National Role

Nationally, the School of Creative Industry has been widely known in academic fields as well as its relation with industries and governments. There had been many joint activities with the local design campus, for example with Institut Teknologi Bandung, Universitas Trisakti, Universitas Tarumanegara, Universitas Telkom, Universitas Maranatha and many more. Those cooperatives focused on education, research and community service.

Business world has established cooperation, especially with UC’s backbone which is the Ciputra Group, and also supported by a sharp entrepreneurship vision. Until today, the business world related to School of Creative Industry study programs who had given a lot of support are for example architecture bureaus, graphic design and fashion products, and many others not of a kind but also needed the assistance of the School of Creative Industry study programs. Not only the university contributed into the business world, but also vice versa. This tight collaboration encourages a close relationship between the learning environment and the real world.

Up to 2020, School of Creative Industry has endeavored to fulfill the need in collaborating with the industrial world related to the study programs available in Universitas Ciputra. For example are PT Sumber Mas Plywood, PT Gistex, and MSI. Mutual collaborations from both the School of Creative Industry and industrial world by having some training, joint events, and even laboratorium facilities for the needs of learning process, research, and community service.

School of Creative Industry also has a business unit related to design commercialization to reach potential clients and market in the community. Thus, this implementation received a huge trust from the public.

Until today, School of Creative Industry has showed its reputation and also proven from: (1) comparative study from other universities, be it as a reference for superiority in entrepreneurship field and creative industry for higher education institution in Indonesia, such as Telkom University, Universitas Trisakti, and UK Maranatha. Aside from that, the leaders of the study programs are active figures in sharing in the study program associations. (2) There have been many collaboration partners in the industrial and academic field who are already involved in many collaborative programs and also given a huge support to the School of Creative Industry, for example PT Putih Salju/ Singer Indonesia, by allocating sewing machines fund and the room equipment for textile and leather products. Academic collaboration showed equality in national and international levels, for example Institut Seni Indonesia Denpasar, Universitas Trisakti, Universitas Maranatha and Universitas Pelita Harapan. (3) Lots of positive confessions from the public be it from the media or various awards for the institute as well as academic community in the School of Creative Industry. Some of those acknowledgments are for example, the Product Design study program has many media publications for technology and sustainability based creative industry activities, and also various grants received. Collaboration with the government, such as the Surabaya government, East Java province government, or the ministry of tourism and creative economy has often been carried out.

Main Focus

The General focus in School of Creative Industry placed design education in entrepreneurship field, technology and sustainability.

With Entrepreneurship tagline, the whole learning in the School of Creative Industry put an attempt to include entrepreneurship in the learning for both curriculum and learning activities, as well as other informal sectors such as business units and students’ extracurricular activities. A close industrial cooperation and the presence of real clients for students’ various projects had often been carried out. For the technology field, directed learning has been included in the design technology group focus, while the sustainability aspect has been related to the studio design learning and various real projects that have been done.

In particular, the BA Architecture study program has 2 main focuses which are architecture and property, as well as interior architecture. These superiorities related to the backbone of The School of Creative Industry Support is the Ciputra Group, a leading property company in Indonesia. The Visual Communication Design study program has several focuses such as illustration, sequential art, and photography. Some new concentrations such as app making, game development, augmented reality and virtual reality have become new things to be developed and have received support from Taiwanese technology company: MSI, as well as Apple Academy support on our own campus. For the Fashion Product Design and Business study program, the concentration is on fashion design and fashion accessories design.

Faculties and Departments

School of Creative Industry – Architecture – Surabaya city

School of Creative Industry – Fashion Product Design and Business- Surabaya City

School of Creative Industry – Visual Communication Design – Surabaya City

School of Creative Industry – Visual Communication Design – Makassar City

Bachelor Level Programs

BA in Architecture – Surabaya 

BA in Fashion Product Design and Business – Surabaya 

BA in Visual Communication Design – Surabaya City 

Master Level Programs

Research Activity and Main Areas

The ongoing research in the School of Creative Industry focuses on design studies, history and theory of design, design and entrepreneurship, design technology, design production; design thinking, and implementation in studios and businesses. The research’s direction moves on entrepreneurship focus, sustainability, and technology utilization. Until this day, the research activity has been going on well, some collaborations in both local and international institutions were established, and also received many grants from the government and industrial world.

Doctorate Level Programs

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Even Semester

Architecture : Lighting Design, Stage Design, Architectural Accoustic.

Visual Communication Design : Packaging, Comic and Graphic Narrative, Art and Culture

Fashion Product Design and Business: Indonesian Textile,  Community Service, Commercial Fashion Product Design Development, Fashion Communication, Fashion Trend Analysis

Odd Semester

Architecture : History and Theory of Architecture, Architectural Accoustic, 

Visual Communication Design : Commercial and Service Design, Brand Development, Design Management

Fashion Product Design and Business: Indonesian Textile, Fashion and Culture, Fashion and Society, Fashion Design research

Application Deadlines

Term 1: June 30th, 2023

Term 2: November, 30th, 2023

Teaching Languages

Indonesia, and several subjets in English.

Semester Dates

Even Periode: September 1st – January 15th

Odds  Periode: February,15th – June 15th

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Cost of Living per student 600-700 USD / month


Bachelor: 804

Exchange Students

Incoming: 5
Outgoing: 5

Teaching Staff

Professors: 4
Lectures: 30
Other permanent teachers: 52
Part-time Teachers: 2

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