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Faculty of Creative Studies 

School of Engineering, Science, and Technology 

School of Management 



Universidad del Rosario 


  • Founded 370 years ago. 
  • High-Quality Institutional Accreditation (CNA) for 8 years. 
  • Institutional Accreditation by the European Quality Assurance Agency (EQAA). 
  • Recognized as a Family-Responsible Entity (EFR). 
  • Ranked #1 in Colombia, #3 in Latin America, and #28 in the world by the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings 2022. 
  • Ranked #4 in Colombia according to Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2021. 
  • Located in the top 10% of the best universities in Latin America in the QS Latin America Ranking 2023. 


The Universidad del Rosario, founded in 1653, is one of the oldest and most prestigious academic institutions in Colombia. It has played a prominent role in the economic, political, social, and cultural development of the country. It has become a leader in Colombian history and a cradle of national critical thinking. The Universidad del Rosario adapts to the challenges of a constantly changing society and globalization, offering innovative learning processes. It has ten faculties and schools: 


  1. Economics 
  1. Law 
  1. Creative Studies 
  1. Natural Sciences 
  1. International, Political, and Urban Studies 
  1. Medicine and Health Sciences 
  1. Management 
  1. Humanities 
  1. Engineering, Science, and Technology 
  1. Entrepreneurship 


Call for Applications 


This call is aimed at individuals with professional experience and dedication to teaching in the field of materials design and innovation. We are seeking an individual active in creation, research+creation, and/or research, with leadership skills, an interdisciplinary approach, and the ability to address challenges that require creative knowledge at the intersection of design, engineering, and business innovation. The candidate will be able to collaborate and innovate with the industry, exploring materials and processes for material utilization, recycling, and circular economy. Additionally, the ability to work with natural, regenerative, and healthy materials is valued, as well as the application of craft approaches, contributing to innovation from tradition to support the productive sector from the uniqueness of the Colombian context. 


Position to be Filled 


We are looking for 1 Full-time Career Professor for the Universidad del Rosario and for the area of Materials Design and Innovation (MDI), a cross-cutting knowledge area of the Faculty of Creative Studies, the School of Management, and the School of Engineering, Science, and Technology. The teacher will be hired on an indefinite-term contract in the category: Principal Career Professor2 according to evaluation and defined guidelines. 


Minimum Requirements 


  • Undergraduate degree (design, engineering, architecture, management, or art) 
  • Master’s degree in areas related to the call (material design, material science, material engineering, bioengineering, biomaterials, design engineering, industrial design, architecture, management, or art) 
  • Ph.D. in related areas desirable 
  • Minimum five (5) years of certified work experience in MDI or related disciplinary areas 
  • Minimum two (2) years of certified teaching experience in MDI or related disciplinary areas 
  • Demonstrable competencies and production in creation, research+creation, and/or research in MDI or related disciplinary areas 
  • Proficiency in English or second language at B2 level, certifiable. See: https://urosario.edu.co/vida-academica/idiomas 
  • Demonstrate through a digital portfolio; publications, products, processes, or research projects, research+creation or creation, evidencing academic and professional mastery in MDI or related disciplinary areas. 


Job Functions 


  • Direct a postgraduate program in the MDI area 
  • Coordinate postgraduate program activities in the MDI area 
  • Plan and develop courses in the MDI area 
  • Develop creation projects, research+creation, and/or research in MDI 
  • Work on university projects and consultancies 
  • Build relationships with the public and private sectors 
  • Develop industry engagement activities, both nationally and internationally 
  • Other duties assigned by the immediate supervisor. 




  1. Detailed resume 
  1. Compiled in PDF format (maximum size 10 MB) of obtained titles 
  1. Portfolio in PDF format (maximum size 10 MB) containing creation projects and/or products, research+creation, and/or research in MDI. It is important to specify in the portfolio the applicant’s participation in the development of each evidenced product. 
  1. Evidence supporting five (5) years of work experience in one or more of the disciplinary areas of the call 
  1. Certificate demonstrating English proficiency or second language at B2 level 
  1. Link to an instructional video on YOUTUBE or VIMEO, maximum duration 5 minutes, in which the applicant for the position explains the process followed and the lessons learned when developing a professional project, research, or creation of their own or in which they participated associated with innovation and design with materials. The YOUTUBE or VIMEO video link must be inserted at the beginning of the resume. 


Selection Process and Criteria 


The call consists of two stages with evaluations of resumes, portfolios, and tutorial videos. A minimum score of 80% is required in the first stage to proceed to the second stage, which includes interviews. 


Call Dates 


  • From February 09 to March 15, 2024: Call and applications. 
  • From April 01 to April 19, 2024: Evaluation and interviews. 
  • April-June 2024: Notification. 
  • Hiring from July 2024. 


Email address for sending all complete deliverables: 


Angélica Güiza 

[email protected] 



Please DO NOT apply if you do not meet the minimum academic requirements of undergraduate and master’s degrees and ALL the requirements and deliverables established in this call. 

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