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Mission Statement

With 'Strength, Reverence, Mastery, Exploration' as its motto, CAA upholds following pedagogical philosophies: to build a world-class university; to foster a multifaceted approach to learning, seeking harmony through diversity; to cultivate individuals to possess the ‘Four Sensibilities’—Integrity and Knowledge, Practice and Theory, Ancient and Modern, Local and Global; to establish a model for ‘erudite craftsmen’ emphasizing ‘knowledge attained through practice and consciousness attained through scholarship’.

International Role

Entering the new century, CAA leapt forward through renovating the campuses, continuing its philosophies, expanding academic disciplines, and re-organizing its departments and school. CAA has exchange agreement with 29 famous art schools & universities in the world, and collaboration with over 100 partners around the world.

National Role

CAA formerly known as the National Academy of Art, was founded in 1928 by the renowned educator and scholar, Cai Yuanpei. Beside West Lake of Hangzhou, the Academy was established as the first ever comprehensive national art institution of higher education in China. In the ninety years of the Academy's history, two perspectives defining its pedagogical approach remained clear during the time. One includes the concept of 'A fusion of eastern and western cultures', championed by the Academy's first president, Lin Fengmian. The other advocated by later president Pan Tianshou, emphasizing the idea that ‘A innovation derives from tradition'.CAA initiated strategic cooperations with Hangzhou helping to build an international cultural city. Relying on the industry-university-research cooperation platforms such as the National University Science and Technology (Creative) Park, Cultural and Creative Design and Manufacturing Cooperative Innovation Center, Industrial Design Research Institute, Textile and Apparel Research Institute, etc., CAA promotes the development of Zhejiang manufacturing and fashion industries.

Main Focus

CAA shoulders its dual responsibilities of cultural inheritance and innovation, and artistic education.It dedicates to building a new group of disciplines focused on specialized visual arts courses in Eastern culture and techniques. It sets up a 'two-stage' teaching structure including foundation studies and specialized studies incorporating the 'lab-workshop-research center' model. The academy develops a new system of 'Five Disciplines and Ten+ Schools' and bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs.

Faculties and Departments

School /Department
School of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy
Deapartment of Chinese Painting
Department of Calligraphy
School of Painting
Department of Oil Painting 
Department of Printmaking
Department of Mural Painting
Department of Integrated Art
School of Sculpture and Public Art 
Department of Sculpture
Department of Public  Art
Department of Fiber Art
School of Intermedia Art

Department of Experimental Art 
Department of Media Performance
Department of Open Media

School of Design 

Department of Industrial Design
Department of Intergrated Design
Department of Visual Communication
Department of Fashion & Textile Design
Department of Design Stuies
School of Crafts
Department of Ceramics
Department of Crafts
School of Film and Animation
Department of On-line Game Design
Department of Photography 
Department of Film and Television
Department of Animation
School of Architecture

Department of Architecture
Department of Urban Design
Department of Landscape Design
Department of Environment Art
School of Art and Humanities 
Department of Art History
Department of Visual Culture Studies
Department of Curating Studies and Administration
Department of Archeology and Museumology 
School of Art Administration and Education 
Department of Art Appreciation
Department of Art Management
Department of Art Eduaction
International College
Shanghai Institute of Design
EDNA Joint Institute of CAA
School of Continuing Education
School of Foundation Studies
The Affiliated High School
Department of Ideology Political Theory and Social Science
Department of Physical Education
Department of Lab Management


Bachelor Level Programs

BA ( 4 years)
Chinese Painting
Art Design
Art History
Sculpture (5 years)
Public Art
Intermedia Art
Public Art Education
Art Appreciating
Visual Communication
Fashion and Textile Design
Product Design
Film Photography
Drama Design
Environment Design
Sound Recording
Art and Technology
Industrial Design (Also BE)
Architecture ( 5 years Also BE)

Master Level Programs

MA ( 3 years)
Fine Arts
Artistic Theory and History
Performing Arts, Film And Television


Research Activity and Main Areas

CAA has 29 research insititutes, and develops a new system of 'Five Disciplines and Ten+ Schools' and bachelors, masters and doctoral programs. Five Disciplines include Fine Art, Design, Art Theory, Drama & Television and Architecture. The full list of all the insititutes could be found by the following link.


Doctorate Level Programs

Doctoral (3 / 4 years)
Fine Arts
Artistic Theory and History
Performing Arts, Film And Television

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, Oil Painting, Printmaking, Mural Painting, Inter-Media Art, Art History and Critics, Curating, Museology, Sculpture, Pubic Art, Fibre Art, Visual Communication, Fasion and Texttile, Indusrial Design, Integrated Design, Architecture, Urban Design, Environmental Design, Landscape Design, Ceramics, Crafts, Animation, Film and Television, Game Design, Photography, Art Administration, Art Education, Art Connoisseurship

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester Entry: May 15th

Spring Semester Entry: Nov 15th

Teaching Languages

Chinese, English

Semester Dates

Fall Semester Entry: September to January

Spring Semester Entry: February to July

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

RMB 10000/semester, not including study materials and text books.


Bachelor: 8000
Master: 1900
Doctorate: 300

Teaching Staff

Professors: 322
Lectures: 278
Part-time Teachers: 89

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