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The World Tree CAA’s 2024 Graduation Season

The 2024 Graduation Season at the China Academy of Art will commence on June 1st and run through to the 10/15/20th of June. This annual event is a major highlight for us, showcasing the graduation works of over 2,000 students and attracting significant attention worldwide.

Unveiling the Secrets of the Exhibition School of Crafts’s exhibition, themed Hand·Art·Way, showcases the works of 237 graduates across these three dimensions. ·”Hand” emphasizes hands-on experiences in #ceramics, #glass, #metalwork, and #lacquer woodworking, where students engage with the textures of materials, use of tools, and mastery of techniques, thereby reflecting on and evolving traditional crafts through their creative practice. ·”Art” signifies the School’s encouragement of students to unleash their creativity and artistic expression in their handcrafted pieces, using their imagination and aesthetic sense to create unique works that incorporate culture, stories, and emotions. ·”Way” highlights the School’s focus on the heritage of craftsmanship. Students are taught to respect the values and diversity of traditional culture, consider the sustainable development of crafts, and think about cultural preservation and social responsibility.

The School of Innovation & Design displays the works of 481 graduates themed Consciousness Matrix. This theme reflects the creators’ broad and profound points of attention, ranging from Earth’s natural ascension to planetary scales: space “light sails,” “deep time” geology, life “simulations,” and the integration of artificial intelligence technology and assisted optimization into human creativity and thought processes. In the Consciousness Matrix, countless sparks of cognitive awareness collide, intertwine, and interact, forming an orderly pattern. As these sparks continuously interact with each other, they gradually evolve into an endless flame of wisdom. This flame symbolizes infinite knowledge and profound insight, constantly burning and spreading, illuminating every corner of consciousness.

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