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Universidad de los Andes

School of Architecture and Design

Bogotá , Colombia Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

"It aims for academic excellence while providing rigorous critical and ethical character development, in order to enhance in all students an awareness of their social and citizenship responsibilities, as well as a firm commitment to the society. The university’s student body, in an environment of interdisciplinary and flexible integral character development, becomes the chief agent of the educational process".(www.uniandes.edu.co)

International Role

Ranking QS: International 227, Latin America 4 
Exchange Students in about 30 International Universities Teachers Members of International Associations Hosts of Emotion and Design Conference 2014 More than 10 international lecturers per year

National Role

The School of Architecture and Design is decided to play an active role in its national context being one of the fifteen private Colombian universities with high quality accreditation we set an example of high standard education, graduating professionals that make a difference in their fields. We also participate and offer various Congresses and Courses. In addition, the School works with the private and public sector in projects meaningful to our society.

Main Focus

To provide the necessary competences for students to develop their professional skills based on an ethical, aesthetic and rational experience, being responsible to think an inclusive and sustainable entourage adding value to society.

Faculties and Departments

Universidad de los Andes, School of Architecture and Design.

Bachelor Level Programs

Ba Architecture (4,5 years) Ba Design (4 years)

Master Level Programs

Master in Architecture (4 semesters 16 weeks each) Available since 2010 Master in Design (4 semesters 16 weeks each) Available since August 2013

Research Activity and Main Areas

Design: technology, innovation, product, sustainability, communication.

Architecture: Teaching, innovation, sustainability, history, city.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Studios, electives, 1 regular full semester on the selected department and open courses from other units of the University

Application Deadlines

1 semester prior to the semester of study.

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

First Semester: Mid January – May Second Semester: August – December

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

US$2.500-3.000 Including tuition and basic needs


Bachelor: 1560
Master: 32

Exchange Students

Incoming: 55
Outgoing: 21
Others: 25

Teaching Staff

Professors: 50
Lectures: 25
Other permanent teachers: 5
Part-time Teachers: 84

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