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Mission Statement

GSA aims to foster creativity and critical thinking through pedagogy, research and studio culture producing independent and outward looking faculty and graduates who work and collaborate locally, nationally and internationally. We seek to be socially and environmentally responsible as we explore the relation between tradition and innovation as a means for improving the lived experiences of citizens and other inhabitants of planet Earth – today and tomorrow.

International Role

The School of & Technology Innovation at GSA operates on both a European (MEDes) and a global level (North/South America, Asia, SE Asia, Africa). Collaborations and partnerships extend from student mobility to shared research projects.


The annual SIT "Winter School" hosted in the Highlnd campus each January has involvement from Schools across Europe (KISD/Cologne; Elisava/Barcelona) and beyond, with presentations by faculty from around the world. 

National Role

GSA operates across Glasgow and beyond, to Scotland and the UK, working with commercial enterprises, social innovation units, the Scottish & UK Governments to identify ways in which the lives of citizens can be addressed and improved through collaborative engagement and creative practice.

Main Focus

Design Innovation for social engagement, ecological transformation, creative collaboration, health & wellbeing, art & design pedagogy, architectural urbanism

Faculties and Departments

Innovation & Technology, Fine Art, Design, Mackintosh School of Architecture, Simulation & Visualisation

Bachelor Level Programs

B.Des Product Design, MEDes – Master of European Design,

BSc Immersive Systems Design (3D Modelling/Games & Virtual Reality); B.Des Sound for the Moving Image;

B.Eng Product Design Engineering, B.Des Fashion & Textiles, BA Interior Design, BA Communication Design, BA Interaction, BA Silversmithing & Jewellery, 

BA (Hons) Environmental Art, Sculpture, Painting & Printmaking,

Bachelor Degrees are 4 years in duration (with Honours)

Master Level Programs

MEDes (Integrated Masters) in European Design (PD) – 5 years

MEng in Product Design Engineering (PDE) – 5 years

Interior Design, Fashion & Textiles, Communication Design are all 1 year in duration.

M.Litt Fine Art is 1 year,  / MFA Fine Art is 2 years.

M.Des Design Innovation & Service Design

M.Des Design Innovation & Citizenship

M.Des Design Innovation & Transformation Design

M.Des Design Innovation & Environmental Design

M.Des Design Innovation & Interaction Design

M.Des Design Innovation & Circular Economy

M.Res – 1 year Research Masters by Practice

Research Activity and Main Areas

Design-led Innovation, ecological transformation, Creative Pedagogy, Health & Wellbeing, Future Living, New Contexts for Design Practice, Emerging Practices & Methods

Doctorate Level Programs

Design, Fine Art, Architecture, Design/Art History, Innovation & Technology (Digital)

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

All areas/programmes of undergraduate design, innovation and fine art are available for exchange.


The Mackintosh School of Architecture also has opportunities for student mobility.

Application Deadlines

Exchanges are accepted in Semester 1 and 2, deadlines for each are published on the GSA website.

Teaching Languages

All programmes are delivered in English

Semester Dates

Semester 1 – September – December Semester 2 – January – June

Semester 3 (postgraduate only) June – September

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

1300 Euros per month


Bachelor: 1850
Master: 360
Doctorate: 30

Exchange Students

Incoming: 95
Outgoing: 85

Teaching Staff

Professors: 30
Lectures: 165

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