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Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest

Limerick School of Art and Design

Ireland Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

For nearly 170 years we have been educating, inspiring and empowering people seeking a creative future. We are proud to be recognised as one of Europe’s leading fine art, design and creative media schools. With over 1,200 students across our campuses, we are a hub of energy and imagination, a supportive creative community and a place of art and enterprise.

International Role

We have 55 International College partners, active participants in Erasmus+ exchange agreements

LSAD TUS is a member of both CUMULUS and ELIA Associations

We have bilateral agreements in China, Canada, USA, Malaysia and India.

LSAD is an Active participant in the RUN EU network of Reagional universities https://run-eu.eu/

LSAD is engaged in Creative Europe and Erasmus + projects with Institutions across Europe including:

FUSION led by Limerick School of Art & Design (Ireland), Crafts Council (UK), Polytechnic Institute of Cavado do Ave (Portugal) and Fondazione Santagata per L’Economia della Cultura (Italy) with the support of expert partners: DESIGN FACTORS (Ireland), Sligo IT (Ireland), Fab Lab Barcelona (Spain) and the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland, https://cefusion.com/

CRAFTING EUROPE https://www.craftingeurope.com/


National Role

LSAD is the largest art, design and media school in Ireland outside of Dublin.

We are located in the Mid West of Ireland on 5 campusues in Limerick and Tipperary

We have partnerships with the Institute of Designers in Ireland, Design and Crafts Council of Ireland, Design Educators Ireland,  Visual Artists Ireland, Irish Centre for Business Excellence, Design Skillnet,  Troy Film Studios, Oddyessey Studios and a range of other industrial and societal partners.

Main Focus

Art, Design and Media, Critical and Contextual studies, BA and MA taught, Applied, Practice Based  and Theoretical Research in Art, Design, Media and Contextual studies

Faculties and Departments

Limerick School of Art and Design


Bachelor Level Programs

Bachelor level programmes (Honours) at Limerick School of Art and Design , TUS     

Department of Design

BA(Hons) Graphic Design Communication

BA(Hons)Animation and Motion Design 

BA(Hons) Fashion Design

BA(Hons) Ceramic Design

BA(Hons) Fashion and Textiles for Product & Costume

Department of Fine Art & Education

BA (Hons) in Fine Art

BA(Hons) Sculpture & Combined Media

BA(Hons) Photography Film Video

BA(Hons) in Fine Art Painting

BA(Hons) Fine Art Print Contemporary Practice

BEd (Hons) in Art & Design Teacher Education

Department of Digital Arts and Media

BSc (Hons) Game Art Design

BSc (Hons) Animation Production

BSc (Hons) Creative Media Design

BSc (Hons) Creative Broadcast or  Music Technology

Note : All of these BA and BSc programmes are 4 years in duration Common Entry Year 1 in Art & Design applies to a majority of the Art & Design programmes.

Master Level Programs

Taught Masters level programmes at Limerick School of Art and Design , TUS   

Department of Fine Art & Education

PME Professional Masters in Art and Design Education, 2 year duration

MASPACE MA Social Practice and the Creative Environment, 1 calendar year.

Department of Design

MA in Interdisciplinary Design Practice, 1 calendar year

MA in Enterprise for Creative Practice

Research Activity and Main Areas

Applied, Practice Based  and Theoretical Research in Art, Design, Media and Contextual studies

Doctorate Level Programs

We currently have 39 students on individual MA/PhD research programmes ranging across Fine Art, Design, and Curatorial Studies. MA research 2 years PhD 3 yrs ft and 6 yrs pt. LSAD currently has 7 PhD students and 32 MA students studying by research.

Research is growing significantly at LSAD, in the area of practice-led, studio-based programmes and have consisted predominantly of a major research project at Level 9 and 10 that offers a significant contribution to art and design practice, accompanied by a supplementary research text.  LSAD also offers MA and PhD pathways by the more traditional text-based research route in areas such as film studies, critical pedagogy, visual culture, philosophy and critical theory. 

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Art, Design, Creative Media, Cultural and Critical Studies

Application Deadlines

September – November

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

January to June


Bachelor: 1118
Master: 71
Doctorate: 11

Exchange Students

Incoming: 25
Outgoing: 45

Teaching Staff

Lectures: 93
Part-time Teachers: 30

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