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Our Strategic Plan

Our global association is thriving in a rapidly evolving and complex landscape, growing into an increasingly distributed and inclusive community across diverse geographical regions.
We are embracing a plural, interconnected future, where we can leverage the power of our digital tools and platforms to connect across physical boundaries and create new bridges between West and East, Global North and Global South

We are focusing on learning from our past and imagining the future for our community. We are looking to amplify new channels and spaces to collaborate. We are designing a more student-centric association. We are dedicated to expanding access and strengthening diversity, equity, and inclusion in all of our programming.

The Cumulus Strategic Plan


Cumulus is a global community unparalleled in size, scope, and standing. The reach, diversity, and strength of our association along with our strategic partnerships with sister organizations set the foundation for our robust initiatives and program of conferences and events.

Our Strategic Objectives

Aligned with our three pillars, we are addressing seven strategic
objectives. Read more about them below!


01Communication Strategy

Develop and implement a comprehensive communication strategy to broaden our outreach globally and maximize our members’ visibility.

02Design Aesthetic

Embrace a contemporary and inclusive design aesthetic to continue elevating the Cumulus brand within a global and complex landscape.


03Shared-Governance Practices

Strengthen our shared-governance practices to maximize responsiveness to our members’ needs and ensure Cumulus continues on a path of sustainable growth.

04Ecosystem of Partnerships

Nurture and diversify our ecosystem of partnerships to increase our association’s impact and reach.


05Student-Centric Associaton

Evolve Cumulus to become more student-centric through an intentional engagement strategy that will bring forward students’ perspectives into the core of our Cumulus family.

06Create a Bridge between the Global North and the Global South

Create a bridge between the Global North and the Global South through our conferences and programs to advance contemporary knowledge, debate, and dialogue about art and design discourses and practices.

07Innovate Convenings

Innovate our convenings to foster an open and dynamic community of global and diverse members that champions the open flow of ideas, dialogue, and transfer of knowledge.

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