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Saint Petersburg , Russia Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

The main objectives of the University: 1) meeting the demands of individuals for intellectual, cultural, moral and spiritual development; 2) training of highly qualified specialists possessing the skills of independent research activities of relevant levels and grades in various specialties and areas of training, as well as training, retraining and professional development of research and academic staff; 3) organisation and implementation of fundamental and applied research across a broad range of development activities; 4) preservation, development and augmentation of moral and cultural traditions of university education and research activities, and education of youth in the spirit of these traditions; 5) participation in the organisation and implementation of continuing education; 6) increasing the role of humanities in the academic process; 7) propagation of humanist worldview and knowledge.

International Role

St Petersburg University (SPbU) is an internationally recognized center for education and research consistently rated among the top world’s universities in the most prestigious international rankings. International cooperation of the University may take the following forms: 1) exchange of teachers and researchers for carrying out research, teaching work, as well as for professional development; 2) exchange of students for education and research; 3) organising and holding international events at the University (symposia, conferences, seminars, meetings and official receptions); 4) participation of the University staff and students in international conferences, symposia, seminars and other similar activities; 5) participation of University representatives in international meetings and official visits; 6) receiving foreign citizens for education and sending students of the University abroad for education and training; 7) engaging foreign citizens to participate in the education and research as teachers or researchers; 8) sending teachers and researchers to foreign education and research institutions for teaching and research; 9) development and implementation of international education programs and research; 10) exchange of experience and professional development of employees on issues of the University operation; 11) exchange of scientific lterature and teaching materials; 12) other forms of cooperation, not inconsistent with the legislation of the Russian Federation. 

National Role

Over almost three centuries, hundreds of outstanding scholars, politicians, cultural figures have been honor to the University. Suffice it to say that seven University alumni and ex-members have won Nobel Prizes: I.P. Pavlov (1904) and I.I. Mechnikov (1908) for physiology and medicine, N.N. Semenov (1962) for chemistry, L.D. Landau (1962) and A.M. Prokhorov (1964) for physics, W.W. Leontief (1973) and L.V. Kantorovich (1975) for economics. Today St Petersburg University sets the pace for the development of science, education and culture in Russia. The concept of the SPbU educational programs in the field of arts, media and design was developed in correspondence with the interdisciplinary, versatile environment of a classical university, traditions of Russian art education, as well as innovative developments of SPbU specialists in design, arts and intercultural communications. 

Main Focus

  1. BA educational programmes in Design, Restoration, Applied Arts, Applied Informatics in Arts and Humanities, Instrumental Music.
  2. Specialist educational programmes in the Art of Drama, Fine Arts.
  3. MA educational programmes in Graphic Design, Environmental Design

Faculties and Departments

  1. Department of Design
  2. Department of Fine Arts
  3. Department of Information Systems in Arts and Humanities
  4. Department of Organ, Harpsichord and Carillon
  5. Department of Restoration

Bachelor Level Programs

  1. BA in Academic Singing (4 yeras)
  2. BA in Applied Art (4 yeras)
  3. BA in Environmental Design (4 yeras)
  4. BA in Graphic Design (4 yeras)
  5. BA in Instrumental Performance: Organ, Harpsichord and Carillon (4 yeras)
  6. BA in Restoration of Fine and Applied Art Objects (4 yeras)
  7. BA in The Instrumental Performance Practice: Violin (4 yeras)
  8. BA in Applied Informatics in Arts and Humanities (4 yeras)
  9. Specialist in Stage and Film Actor (4 yeras)
  10. Specialist in Easel Painting (6 yeras)

Master Level Programs

  1. MA in Graphic Design (2 years)
  2. MA in Environmental Design (2 years)
  3. MA in Restoration of Fine and Applied Art Objects (2 years)

Research Activity and Main Areas

Theory and Practice of Design, Restoration, Fine Arts, Music, Information Technologies

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

All the mentioned programs

Application Deadlines

May 15 – for Autumn semester and Full Academic Year Nov. 15 – for Spring semester

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

Autumn semester: Sept.01 – Jan.28 Spring semester: Feb.01 – June 28

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Per semester:BA – 192,550 RUB MA – 198,200 RUB


Bachelor: 179
Master: 149

Exchange Students

Incoming: 45
Outgoing: 3

Teaching Staff

Professors: 7
Lectures: 71

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