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Please be advised that we are monitoring closely the unfortunate escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian war. Our Secretariat is in close dialogue with the organizing team of the Cumulus Russia 2022 “Un/Touchable: New Meanings and Values” conference.

We will be evaluating the next steps vis-a-vis the programming of this conference as political events unfold. Everyone is deeply saddened by the military actions taking place.

Un/Touchable: New Meanings and Values Cumulus conference invites designers and educators to investigate the notions of tactility, tangible aesthetics, proprioception, and haptic visuality.

Today, when transdisciplinary research fields are gaining momentum, we want to explore the problem of haptic space and tactile touch through the optics of the new scientific discourse. We are convinced that ‘grasping experience’ in contemporary art and design represent new forms of optic and tactile space, which attracts more and more research interest.

The haptic form of perception and haptic aesthetic of the modern time deconstruct our previous knowledge and open new horizons in the research of haptic images in art and design.

The body memory bolsters actualisation of the secondary aesthetic forms and tactile metaphors, which fact, in our opinion, pushes the boundaries of the art and design and creates new optics for a modern researcher.

Visual references to touch and tactile articulation in art and design reveal new sides to the sight and sensory system modes. It reshapes classic narratives and approaches to morphological text analysis.

We invite the design community to share their research that explores all forms of tactility at different scales and dimensions, including but not limited to interfaces, surfaces, virtual and mixed spaces, materials, etc. Submission deadline for abstracts has been extended till February 10, 2022.

Conference Tracks

Track 1
Spaces, Senses, Skins: Reinvention of the Tactile in Art and Design Practices
Hosted by HSE University

#Tangible Aesthetics #Touch #Space #Anthropology of Tactility #Haptic gestures #Skin

Track 2
Proprioception. Displacement
Hosted by Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

#Proprioception #Kinesthesia #Virtual reality #Augmented reality #Industrial design

Track 3
Digital Imitations. Material Extensions
Hosted by St. Petersburg University

#Interaction #Immersive Design #Communication #Sound Design #Digital Fabrication

Read the full text: CfP_Utouchable_CumulusRussia2022

For a more detailed track description, please visit the conference website.

The conference will take place both online and onsite. Every participant has the right to choose the most appropriate mode of participation. Phygital Conference on June 13-18, 2022 hosted by Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg University and HSE Art and Design School (National Research University ‘Higher School of Economics).

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