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Lund University

School of Industrial Design

Sweden Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

Working in design is about steering through a constantly changing landscape of needs and demands in a rapidly changing world. Unexpected and fast advances in culture and technology trigger new products, services or lifestyles yet unknown. Design is the one particular field in which cultural shifts and technological developments are translated into tangible solutions. This is why the interactive aspect of design cannot be underestimated; you as a designer can be can be a creative transformer and communicator alike – thinking beyond the familiar, operating with moral intelligence.

Main Focus

Industrial Design

Faculties and Departments

Full faculty university

Bachelor Level Programs

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design, duration 3 years, 180 ECTS

Master Level Programs

Master of Fine Arts in Design, duration 2 years, 120 ECTS

Research Activity and Main Areas

Our aim is to increase the understanding of the field of industrial design by embracing basic and applied research relevant to the development of the field.

Critical reflection and diversity in perspectives and modes of inquiry are central tenets to meet emerging challenges. We strive to use a wide range of approaches, combining scientific and artistic exploration, in the search for new, useful and validated knowledge.

Research foci include:

Design Practice
Design Use
Design Strategy
Design Politics

Doctorate Level Programs

Doctor of Philosophy Doctor of Technology 4 years

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Industrial Design

Application Deadlines

October 15 and April 15

Teaching Languages

Swedish, English

Semester Dates

approx. September 1 to December 20,  January 15 to June 7

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

approx. 1000 EURO


Bachelor: 90
Master: 60
Doctorate: 4

Exchange Students

Incoming: 15
Outgoing: 15

Teaching Staff

Professors: 7
Lectures: 10
Other permanent teachers: 10
Part-time Teachers: 25

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