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Special President’s Message: New Website Announcement

A New Digital Home for the Cumulus Family

President Amatullo and Cumulus Board Member Robin Turner, chair of the website sub-committee introduce some of the new features of this new digital home for our association that we are so pleased to premiere this week. We are so proud of this project made possible with our creative agency noformat.

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Human City Design Award 2021

The international Human City Design Award (HCDA), hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and organized by Cumulus’ partner – the Seoul Design Foundation (SDF) with UNESCO endorsement, is in its 3rd edition. The jury is composed of international experts with Cumulus Vice President Rachel Troye, (AHO) and Professor Kun Pyo Lee, representing Cumulus member, (PolyU)

The competition focuses on design solutions that promote a sustainable city and a harmonious relationship between humans, society, and the environment. We encourage you to visit the competition site to follow this 3rd edition of the competition’s focus and outcomes to come!