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Cumulus Student Ambassador Program

Conceived as a selective merit-based initiative that rewards exceptional student talent from the Cumulus community, student ambassadors are global envoys of exceptional talent that represent their institutions in Cumulus conferences.
Launched in 2015, the Cumulus Student Ambassador Program was conceived as a highly selective merit-based travel grant initiative to recognize students showing exceptional leadership and academic achievement and invite them to participate as representatives of their peers in Cumulus Conferences, and be exposed to the global network of the association.

Every Cumulus Conference counts with two Student Ambassadors who participate in their institution’s Conference and later act as special envoys of their university in the following Cumulus Conference. Student Ambassadors are invited to chronicle their experience attending the conferences as part of the award.

Student Ambassadors Profile and Impact

The Cumulus family is proud to amplify the voices of the next generation of art and design student leaders who are eager to play a role in shaping a better future.

Student Ambassadors share in common a demonstrated interest in participating in international dialogue and cross-cultural exchange.

The Cumulus Student Ambassador Program enables each student ambassador to gain valuable experiences in the context of the inspiring, cross-cultural setting of Cumulus Conferences. By immersing themselves in a global ecosystem of member institutions and partner networks and associations, student ambassadors are positioned to:

  • Gain instrumental experience in networking, marketing, and leadership development
  • Deepen their knowledge and broaden their worldview through first hand exposure to diverse and stimulating dialogue about art and design education best practices
  • Represent their home institution as dynamic advocates and storytellers

How the Program Works

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