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How the Program Works

Selection Process

The selection process of the Cumulus Student Ambassadors resides with each Cumulus Conference Host which is encouraged to identify two candidates per conference.

Institutions are asked to communicate their selection to the Cumulus Secretariat no later than three months before the event for selected candidates to be announced to the Cumulus community and part-take in pre-conference storytelling and activities.

Participation Expectations

Student Ambassadors’ awards and participation in the two Cumulus Conferences will be highlighted and promoted by the Cumulus Secretariat. Students receiving the award are expected to share their experiences and learnings with the larger community.

The following are the key expectations for participation:

  • Commit to attend two Cumulus Conferences, that of their home institution and the following Cumulus Conference in the calendar year.
  • Network with prior Cumulus Ambassadors and foster a dynamic student community by mentoring the Student Ambassadors that follow.
  • Chronicle their experience and impressions before, during and after the conferences by supporting and contributing to Cumulus social media channels; attend webinars, special presentations, and events throughout each conference.For example: during the conferences they are encouraged to capture interviews of conference delegates or speakers, or focus on a specific set of activities that may be of interest. After their participation in the second conference as envoys, Student Ambassadors are expected to deliver an essay, blog, podcast, or video presentation that captures their unique learnings.

Student Ambassadors Documentation Prompts

What did you learn from your Cumulus Conference interviewees?
  • What surprised you about the art and design education and research disciplines?
  • What did you find most valuable about your student ambassador experience?
  • Which topic(s) are you most excited to explore alongside your Student Ambassador peers coming out of the Cumulus Conference?

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