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Seoul Design Foundation

Seoul Design Foundation was established to promote Seoul’s design industry and spread its design culture through various projects and its usage of DDP to improve the quality of life of Seoul’s citizens as well as to advance Seoul’s design competitiveness to global standards.

“We will design Seoul as a human-centered city, one which satisfies its citizens.”

Seoul Design Foundation envisions change and innovation through design. It aims to resolve, through design, various issues the city faces, and carries out a variety of projects to make Seoul a ‘safe’, ‘welcoming’, ‘imaginative’, and ‘lively’ city.

website: http://www.seouldesign.or.kr/eng/


MoU signed on February 26, 2020, NY, USA.

Ms. Kyung Ran CHOI, CEO of the Seoul Design Foundation and Cumulus President Mariana Amatullo


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