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Mission Statement

In a globally competitive world, it is the quality of design education and research which makes a difference to the quality of goods and services produced in the nation states. The university strives towards cultivating a passion for creativity through distinctive education programmes in a student – centered environment, leading to fulfilling careers as an Design, Art and Architecture professionals in the emerging creative economy; while emphasizing its values and culture of inter-disciplinarity & innovation, Enterprise & entrepreneurship, Industry relevance & employability and Social responsibility & ethical professional practice. WUD intends to serve as a resource for India and beyond through research, creative endeavors, extension and outreach.

International Role

World University of Design considers international exposure as a quintessential part of design education, intends to provide abundant opportunities to its students to explore and experience the various nuances of this facet of education.Such exposure enhances a students' personality and broadens the vision. WUD has signed MoUs with leading educational institutions across the globe to facilitate a constant exchange of students, scholars, research topics on every subject; of students making study visits and joining immersion programmes at these universities and organizations on a short term or periodic basis to enhance their skills and expertise. WUD has established international collaborations with leading education institutions like Vancouver Film School & Emily Carr University (Canada); University of Huddersfield & Oxford Brookes University (UK); ENSAIT and Academie Charpentier (France); University of Utrecht (Holland), HAMK (Finland) and College of Creative Studies, Michigan (USA) with the aim of facilitating constant exchange of students, scholars, and research topics on every subject. Two batches of students have already gone on a semester exchange with these universities.

WUD is the youngest university to be awarded a design and innovation capacity building grant under the ERASMUS plus program of the EU.  WUD is now working with a consortium of international partner universities including Brunel University, UK; Politecnico di Milano, Italy; University of Aegean, Greece and IIITD Delhi. 

World University of Design has hosted Global events like – Global Goals Jam 2017 which was a global service jam event hosted parallel in 32 cities all over the world. It has been organising & hosting the International Conference on Functional Textiles & Clothing since 2018. The proceedings for the two conferences held so far have been published by Springer. WUD also hosts the Delhi NCR chapter of Speculative Futures. It's a member of Cumulus.  

What are we looking for in an institutional partnership?

We are looking for long-term cooperation with institutions whose program offerings are complementary to our programs, and with whom we can create multiple mutually beneficial opportunities. In the first instance, we are focusing on the following objectives:

·              To sign a general agreement of partnership.

·              Have a batch of international students on exchange at WUD for the fall semester. To sign requisite agreements to receive (and send) students on a reciprocal basis.

·              Create a study abroad pathway for students of various WUD schools with partner universities, in their respective domains. Various options including study abroad, degree collaboration, and progression agreements can be considered.

·              To seek participation in WUD’s Summer Semester from partner universities.

·              Explore collaboration options among Partner Universities for WUD School of Performing Arts.

·              To participate in student/ faculty mobility project being submitted by partner universities for ERASMUS funding

·              To explore joint studio and joint research projects in specific areas of interest

National Role

World University of Design has collaborations throughout the nation with regards to Design. Currently the university has collaboration over projects with the Indian National Trust for Art & Cultural Heritage.

We are members of FICCI (The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce) and CII (The Confederation of Indian Industries). WE are organising a series of webinars through Covid times promoting the cause of Indian arts, artists and artisans. 

WUD has instituted the Çritics' Choice Awards to promote young and upcoming artists in Delhi NCR. WUD also publishes a newsletter called The Visual Times to spread awareness about art and design among masses & communities.

We signed over 30 MoU’s with various industries and fellow institutions for further collaboration. We have signed an agreement of cooperation with the Rai Industrial Estate Manufacturing Association. This association has more than 300 industries in it.

We are associated with the National body of Designers in India, the ADI – Association of Designers of India.


Main Focus

WUD offers high quality trans-disciplinary education with a design foundation at the undergraduate and postgraduate level with a view to build a generation of creative professional designers, capable of serving as agents of change for the growth and development of the diverse and decentralized sectors of various industry segments. The main focus of WUD is to create an enabling environment for Design studies including the higher education structures.

Faculties and Departments

School of Architecture 

School of Communication 

School of Design 

School of Fashion 

School of Management 

School of Performing Arts

School of Visual Arts 


Bachelor Level Programs

Bachelor of Design (BDes) (4 years)
BDes in Computer Science & Design
BDes in Product Design
BDes in Transportation Design
BDes in Interior Architecture & Design
BDes in Film & Video
BDes in Graphic & Communication Design
BDes in Animation & Game Design
BDes in Fashion Design
BDes in Fashion Communication
BDes in Textile Design

Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) (4 years)
BVA in Creative Painting
BVA in Digital Drawing & Illustration

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (3 years)
BBA in Design Strategy & Management
BBA in Retail Business Management
BBA in Fashion Business Management
BBA in Design Strategy & Innovation
BBA in Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Design Thinking
BBA in Service Design

Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) (5 years)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (BA(H)) (3 years)
BA(H) in Built Environment & Habitat Studies

Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA) (4 years)
BPA in Dance
BPA in Music
BPA in Theatre

Master Level Programs

Master of Design (MDes) (2 years)
MDes in International Fashion Business
MDes in User Experience & Interaction Design
MDes in Transportation Design
MDes in Industrial Design
MDes in Interior & Retail Design
MDes in  Communication Design
MDes in Fashion Design

Master of Visual Arts (MVA) (2 years)
MVA in Contemporary Art Practices
MVA in Art Education
MVA in Curatorial Practices in Art
MVA in Fashion Art

Master of Business Administration (MBA) (2 years)
MBA in Design Strategy & Management
MBA in Retail Business Management
MBA in Design Strategy & Innovation
MBA in Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Design Thinking
MBA in Service Design

Master of Business Administration (MBA-Exec.) (2 years)

Master of Architecture (MArch) (2 years)
MArch in Digital Architecture
MArch in Sustainable Architecture

Master of Performing Arts (MPA) (2 years)
MPA in Dance
MPA in Music
MPA in Theatre

Integrated Master of Performing Arts (I-MPA) (5 years)
I-MPA in Dance
I-MPA in Music
I-MPA in Theatre

Research Activity and Main Areas

The research activities pan across the various schools of Design that World University of Design shelters. Currently the subjects undertaken are, Contour development,  Architectural planning and climatic research, Sustainability, Universal Design, Up cycling, Trends in Automobiles, Garments patterning, Systems Design, Ethnographic research of the Rural –Urban divide.

The main areas of research are within the realms of the schools of Design that World University of Design host, i.e. Design Management, Fashion, Textiles, Product Design, Transportation Design, Visual Communication, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Curation etc.

Doctorate Level Programs






Performing Arts

Visual Arts 

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Follwing are the subjects areas for Student exchange

1. Fashion,  Fashion Communication, Fashion Business

2. Industrial Design, Product Design, Interior Design, Transportation Design

3. Graphics & communication, Film & Video, Animation & Game Design

4. Management, 

5. Architecture, 

6. Visual, Digital &

7. Performing Arts

Application Deadlines

Application deadlines for exchange programs – 10 June of each year. 

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

The semester dates for an Exchange program is 15th Jan to 30th May each year. 


Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Average cost of living for a month – INR 25000 only.


Bachelor: 587
Master: 52
Doctorate: 12

Exchange Students

Incoming: TBD
Outgoing: TBD
Others: TBD

Teaching Staff

Professors: 41
Lectures: NA
Other permanent teachers: NA
Part-time Teachers: NA

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