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Mission Statement

Our university aims to contribute to national development through applied research, links with the productive sector and the training of professionals who work with competence in the society of knowledge .

Our educational philosophy promotes the pursuit of quality, innovation and respect for ethical standards in the performance.

International Role

Internationalization is an inherent feature of our teaching and learning, research and innovation, and community outreach. We pursue internationalization activities and international engagement as a means to enhance the quality and depth of our current and future endeavors.

ORT's internationalization strategy is well embedded throughout the pertinent units and academic community, being directly promoted by the University's leadership. Main aspects of the strategy include: to offer opportunities of excellence to all members of its academic community, to diversify collaboration options from an as-wide-and-diverse-as-possible cultural spectrum, and to contribute to enhance ORT's reputation and global positioning.

ORT strives to identify, develop and maintain academic liaisons with universities and centers of excellence around the world, generating associations covering the various facets of our international activities, including: student exchanges, exchange of teachers and researchers, collaborative research, joint programs , academic networks and others.

The University maintains academic collaboration agreements with over 180 universities and international organizations worldwide to facilitate collaborative teaching and research, student and staff mobility, and networking; and is member of major international academic associations, such as the International Association of Universities (AIU) and the Union of Universities of Latin America (UDUAL).

National Role

The university provides our graduates with tools that allow them to adapt to changes with flexibility, proactive and critical thinking, teamwork value, understanding the challenges posed by technological advances in their disciplines and managing with skill in the international arena.

ORT provides 65 professional graduate degrees, graduate and technical level in Architecture, Engineering, Biotechnology, Management, Economics, International Relations, Design, Animation, Communication and Education. More than 11,000 students study annually in ORT's five faculties and institutes.

The university has pioneered the introduction of new career and educational technologies in Uruguay and each year allocates resources to the continuous improvement of teaching methods and research, educational infrastructure and teacher training.

Main Focus

Training in innovation, quality and values, as well as a solid academic body, are the main characteristics that distinguish our university.

Faculties and Departments

Department of Graphic Design

Department of Industrial Design

Department of Fashion Design

Department of Multimedia, Animation and Videogames

Department of Design, Art and Technology

Department of Journalism

Deparment of Advertising and Marketing

Department of Film

Department of Digital Contents

Department of Business Communication

Bachelor Level Programs

BA in Graphic Design, 4 years
BA in Industrial Design, 4 years
BA in Fashion Design, 4 years
BA in Animation and Videogames, 4 years
BA in Multimedia Design, 4 years
BA in Design, Art and Technology, 4 years

BA in Communication (Film, Digital Contents, Journalism, Advertising and Marketing, Data Analytics & Innovation), 4 years

BA in Global Communication, 4 years

BA in Business Communication, 4 years

Master Level Programs

Master in Communication and Marketing Management, 2 years

Master in Creativity, Innovation and Communication, 2 years

Graduate Diploma in User Experience Design, 1 year

Research Activity and Main Areas

ORT contributes to the generation of basic and applied knowledge, often through joint projects with industry. Involvement of undergraduates in research is pursued through capstone projects addressing actual needs of industry and research assistantships. We believe the production, communication, and transfer of knowledge are instrumental to the quality of ORT's education and to the better understanding of today's global problems.

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) has a laboratory of innovation in which all areas of knowledge and development of the university converge. CIE promotes the entrepreneurial attitude of students and graduates, and strengthen the community of entrepreneurs in a dynamic space where they can work, collaborate and co-create.

The School of Design promotes Recreation, an initiative in which 470 companies have already participated. This has meant a learning integrative process for 671 undergraduate students, presenting their final BA project in Graphic, Industrial, Fashion or Multimedia Design.
The Final Project is an individual or collective work of academic level, intended to make the student achieve and prove competence in integrating methodologically its multidisciplinary knowledge into a tangible product, made in association with a company, industry, organization, etc. + info: https://fcd.ort.edu.uy/recreacion

Convergence between communication and technology led the School of Communication and Design to create the Media Lab, a space for creativity, research and innovation, bringing together students of communication and design, as well as professors, researchers and specialists of enterprises and institutions, to share ideas and knowledge in order to experiment with new technologies and create products tailored to the demands of the XXI century´s communication.

In the Media Lab teams from different disciplines have an innovative vision towards the development of communication projects with a technological environment focus.

Doctorate Level Programs


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Graphic Design
Industrial Design
Fashion Design
Animation and Videogames
Multimedia Design
Design, Art and Technology


Advertising and Marketing

Digital Contents


Business Communication

Global Communication

Application Deadlines

15th December for semester 1 (March)
30th May for semester 2 (August)

15th December for semester beginning in August 
31st July for semester beginning in March

Teaching Languages

Spanish. Some courses can be delivered in english. Medium level of Spanish is required.

Tuition at ORT is mainly in Spanish, and we offer a range of EN-taught courses both on general and discipline-specific subjects. 

A semester-long Spanish for Foreigners course is offered to all incoming exchange students that need it, free of charge. ORT's Centre for Languages offers a range of Spanish language courses, programs, and official examinations (DELE, SIELE).

BA in Global Communication teaches many classes in English

Semester Dates

Semester 1: March – July. Semester 2: August – December 

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Exchange students pay their fees in their home institution. Regular fees are aprox. € 600, and living costs are around another € 600.


Bachelor: 1255
Master: 28

Exchange Students

Incoming: 24
Outgoing: 24

Teaching Staff

Professors: 18
Lectures: 120
Part-time Teachers: 66

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