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University of Borås

The Swedish School of Textiles

Borås , Sweden Full Member Institution

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Main Focus

The programmes focus on textiles and are divided into three areas: design, engineering, and management. Our facilities feature modern lecture halls and well-equipped laboratories that cater for everything related to textiles.

Faculties and Departments

The Swedish School of Textiles

Bachelor Level Programs

BA in Fashion Design
BA in Textile Design
BA in Textile Product Development and Entrepreneurship
BA in Textile Management, with specialization in Fashion and Retail
BA in Textile Management and Business Administration
BA in Textile Technology


Master Level Programs

MA in Textile Management (one year)
MA in Fashion Design and Textile Design, Specialisation in Fashion Design (two years)
MA in Fashion Design and Textile Design, Specialisation in Textile Design (two years)
MA in Textile Value Chain Management (two years)
MA in Fashion Marketing and Management (two years)

Research Activity and Main Areas

Research is of a high international standard and focuses on sustainability – how can our research contribute to a better world? Together with international research networks, we take a closer look at consumer behaviour, global markets, and how we can improve our recycling of clothing, as well as exploring new ways we can use textiles. This research is also integrated into our master's programmes.

Doctorate Level Programs

Textile Design 
Fashion Design
Textile Interaction Design
Textile Material Technology
Textile Management

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

The academic year consists of four periods (P1-4) and each semester is divided into two periods. 30 ECTS correspond to a semester of full time studies and each period consist of 15 ECTS.

Fashion Design
Textile Design
Textile Engineering
Textile Mangement
Fashion and Textile Design
Textile Management


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