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Mission Statement

The end of 20th century brought profound social changes, especially in the habits of consumption of goods and services. In this context, design distinguishes as a strategic tool, skilled for innovation in environments of strong competition. A contribution that is revealed in the ability of qualification, both at the level of performance and the Aesthetic and symbolic of the artefacts. The contribution of Design in contemporary demands required rethinking the role of designer in society, and therefore their training. It’s the accomplishment of this challenge and the observation of the requirements raised by Bologna process, that organizes the teaching of design at the University of Aveiro, arranged in three levels (1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles, corresponding to Bachelor, Master and PhD).


The Sciences and Communication Technologies (CTC) area includes diferente degrees (1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles) dedicated to learning about the analysis, conceptualization and development of content, services and communication technologies for new digital media: Degree in New Communication Technologies, Master in Communication and Web Technologies, Master in Audio-visual Communication for New Media, Master in Digital Game Development, Doctoral Programme in Multimedia in Education, Doctoral Programme in New Media.



International Role

We maintain for some years the Erasmus bilateral agreements with several european design schools. We also have close relations with Brasilien universities.

We are on the Top 50 best Design Schools in Europe (Domus Magazine)

The research unit ID+ aggregate Universidade de Aveiro, Universidade do Porto and IPCA.

National Role

UA is a highly regarded institution of research led education, constituted by university departments, research units, polytechnic schools, interface units, and a vocational education network. Its integrated structure permits the articulation and harmonisation of the teaching and research environments, and enables the construction of individual educational paths, from post-secondary technological specialisation programmes to doctoral degrees. Teaching activities are developed in a research-based environment, and throughout the academic year, dozens of national and international conferences are organised, generating a dynamic and multicultural atmosphere for students and staff. 

Since 1998, UA integrates the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) [http://eciu.web.ua.pt], a leading international cluster of research intensive universities, with a collective emphasis on innovation, creativity, and societal impact driving the development of a knowledge-based economy. Each member institution shares a number of distinctive characteristics with a strong commitment to innovation and applied research, with close links to industry partners. 

ID+ is rooted on the mission to establish effective working ties between Design Research and Institutional Partners towards cultural, economic and social development. The organization of this Institute is based, first and foremost, on a network that links Design, Industry, Culture and Media, based on principles of flexibility, autonomy, efficiency and acknowledgement. In addition, this network will invest on national and international academic partners from diverse scientific areas as a clear strategy for broadening its social, cultural and economic impact.

Main Focus

The Department  of Communication and Art (DeCA) has a diverse range of competencies relating to the areas of Communication, Design, Art Studies and Music, with cross-curricular and external links, in order to provide an attractive and innovative range of courses at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels.   

DeCA currently offers three degree programmes (Design, Music and NTC), eight Masters programmes (Music, Music Education, Design, Product Design and Engineering, Contemporary Artistic Creation,  and Communication and Web Technologies, Audio-visual Communication for New Media and Digital Game Development) and four doctorate programmes (Music, Design, ICDP and Multimedia in Education). Many of the doctoral programmes are developed in partnership with other higher level institutions.


Faculties and Departments

Departamento de Comunicação e Arte

Bachelor Level Programs

Degree in Design (1st Cycle) – 3 years

Degree in New Communication Technologies – 3 years


Master Level Programs

Master in Design (2nd Cycle) – 2 years

Master in Engineering and Product Design (2nd Cycle) – 2 years

Master in Communication and Web Technologies – 2 years

Master in Audio-visual Communication for New Media – 2 years

Master in Digital Game Development – 2 years

Research Activity and Main Areas

Most of the Design teachers belong to the research unit ID+ (Research Institute for Design, Media and Culture). The main lines of expertise are: Design; Media and Art Studies; Heritage and Museology; Communication and Information Sciences. The ID+ host the Research Group  ID+ DESIS Lab, a member of the DESIS Network (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability).

Most of the CTC teachers belong to the DigiMedia – Digital Media and Interaction (DigiMedia), an interdisciplinary research centre of the University of Aveiro focusing on innovation in the design of new interaction approaches for human-centered digital media applications, developping research in the fields of Cyberculture and Media Convergence, New Media and Digital Entertainment and Knowledge Media in Connected Communities.

Doctorate Level Programs

Doctoral Program in Design (3rd Cycle) – 3 years

Doctoral Programme in Multimedia in Education – 3 years

Doctoral Programme in New Media – 3 years


Subject Areas for Exchange Students


Product Design and Engeneering

CTC (Science and Communication Technologies)

Application Deadlines

May — applications for Semester 1 (Autumn/Winter) or for the whole academic year;

November — applications for Semester 2 (Spring/Summer).

Please confirm exact dates with the Erasmus Responsibles, since these dates may vary.

Teaching Languages

Portuguese, English

The main language is Portuguese, but all courses are open to non-Portuguese speaking students, with guidance being given in English by the teachers

Semester Dates

1st semester: from September to December/January

2nd semester: from February/March to June 

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

The annual fees for studying in UA for the initial training courses (1st Cycle) is € 1067 .The main residential complex is located in the center of campus, while other blocks are in the city center, just minutes from UA. Students have a range of about 900 places in university residences.

The monthly costs of living are estimated to be around €500/600. This includes accommodation, food, public transport, study materials and other miscellaneous basic expenses (tuition fees not included).  Note that the cost associated with study materials can be higher for courses in the design subject area.


Bachelor: 180 + 270
Master: 80
Doctorate: 30

Exchange Students

Incoming: 8
Outgoing: 10
Others: 5

Teaching Staff

Professors: 20 + 21
Lectures: 3
Part-time Teachers: 15 + 12

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