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Mission Statement

We aim to create a national and international environment that values and supports the role of professionals, academics and art researches while also acknowledging their contributions to the economy and the transformation of society, which generates a real change in the productive matrix.

In addition, we aim to train arts professionals to have broad understanding of their fields, to develop critical thinking and transform the social conscience into one that is endowed with a spirit open to values, principles and interdisciplinary practices that the current fields of arts, society and economy demand, and to develop and carry out research programs on the arts, and in the arts, aimed at critical reflection and innovation. 

International Role

We strive to be the international locus for quality, uniqueness and sociocultural relevance within the arts. Promoting strong links within the community through significant experiences of servince-learning, research, creation, production and dissemination, and for being a guarantor of the full exercise of cultural rights and the symbolic integration of Ecuador.

UArtes Ecuador has 30 cooperation agreements with universities from Latin America, North America and Europe. Our faculty is mostly from Ecuador, however their studies and professional background are from abroad. In 2019, UArtes Ecuador has received 66 artists, academics and professors from abroad who have participated in our different international activities such as: The Audio and Sound Conference of Ecuador (CASE), Latin American Institute of Arts Research (ILIA), Libre Libro, Piano ma non solo, Public Art Meetings Interactos, International Meeting of Etnomusicology.

Additionally, UArtes has an International Artistic Residencies Program called "Comuna." The aim of this program is to encourage the international mobility of our university community and the exchange of experiences between artists from various latitudes. COMUNA empowers the generation of creative processes by fading borders and integrating cultural diversity in collective work spaces.

Finally, our faculty, representative and students actively participate in several festivals and events froma abroad.

National Role

UArtes aims to position Ecuador as a common and interdisciplinary space in the field of training, research, production and dissemination of arts and knowledge with an emphasis on the South-South relations.

Main Focus

Foster a holistic environment that values the role of professionals, academics and researchers of the arts; its contribution to the economy and the transformation of society, thereby stimulating a real change in the Production Model.

Faculties and Departments

We have 5 Schools:

  • Film
  • Literature
  • Sonorous Arts
  • Scenic Arts
  • Visual Arts


  1. Cross Cultural Studies
  2. Foreign Language
  3. Body Practice Center
  4. Center of Academic Writing and Translations
  5. Reasearch and Posgraduate Studies (ILIA)
  6. Innovation and Production Laboratory

Bachelor Level Programs

We offer 7 Bachelor Level Programs:

  • BA in Film
  • BA in Literature
  • BA in Scenic Creation
  • BA in Music
  • BA in Musical Production
  • BA in Visual Arts
  • BA in Dance
  • BA in Pedagogy for the Arts and Humanities

Master Level Programs

We currently offer 4 programs of excellence in the field of the arts, which contribute the improvement and specialization of professionals.

  • Master in Musical Composition and Sound Arts
  • Creative Writing
  • Cultural Policies and Arts Management
  • Photography and Society in Latin America

Research Activity and Main Areas

Research in Arts,for the Arts and through the Arts

  •  Amazonian Indigenous Literatures
  •  Cultural and Material Heritage
  •  Salsa Rythym History in Guayaquil
  •  Interculturability
  •  Literacies from the artistic languages

Doctorate Level Programs

We do not offer Doctorate Level Programs yet.

Teaching Languages

Teaching Languages:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Portuguese
  4. Kichwa

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Living expenses:

  1. $200 – $400/housing per month – varies according to house specs.
  2. $180/food per month


  • Depending on the agreement, most students would not pay for the classes of the semester in exchange.



Bachelor: 1129

Teaching Staff

Professors: 114
Lectures: 12
Other permanent teachers: 88
Part-time Teachers: 14

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