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Cumulus member, the Universidad de las Artes (UArtes) in Guayaquil Ecuador hosted an amazing conference Arts imagining communities to come during 8-11 November 2021. Close to 450 participants joined! Cumulus family has no words to thank the university, Rector William Herrera, Vice-Provost for Academic Affairs Bradley Hilgert and Vice-Provost for Research and Postgraduate Programs Olga del Pilar López with the team Susan Togra, Sara Baranzoni, Andrea Mazzini and Manuela Troya. The fantastic conference was also supported by a group of more people of Uartes and its alumni and students; Janina Suárez, Ma. Fernanda López, Paolo Vignola, Carol Arosemena, Jimmy Saenz, Liz Arias, Jefferson Cabrera, Fernando Intriago, Amir Llopis, Gisell Reyes, José Miguel Cabrera Kozisekm, José Ignacio Quintana, Marelis Loreto Amoretti, Amir Llopis and Melisa Soriano. And a number of students and other staff without mentioning their names and all participants. A group of UArtes sister universities also gave their passion to the success of the event; Universidad de las Artes de Argentina, Universidad de Costa Rica, Universidad Veracruzana, Instituto Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes (ENBA) de Montevideo, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and Universidad de Caldas. Not to forget the massive input by our secretariat colleagues Justyna Molik and Anna Lindberg with the Executive Board and President.

Fantastic keynote speakers Susan Hansen, Delma Rodriguez, José-Carlos Mariátegui and Jon McKenzie inspired with their diverse insights on bridging creativity, innovation, impact and human responsibility. Positive impact on community, to share, adding value by making us to focus on the whole bunch of the arts as key tool for success was among the main highlights of this conference. What more, active delegate participation in the conference built up bridges, the community not only as a feeling, between people to meet later onsite, one day.

Keep in mind, we got new friends, among them Natacha Poggio University of Houston Downtown in US and José Ignacio López Ramírez Gastón Universidad Nacional de Musica in Peru that joined Cumulus Guayaquil 2021 as Cumulus Plus grantees. The Cumulus Plus Grant Program is a unique opportunity for researchers, academic and administrative staff to receive a scholarship to attend a Cumulus Conference and benefit from the knowledge exchange and community-building that results from meeting the diversity of our Cumulus members. The program is intended to assist colleagues in a country and/or region of the world typically underrepresented within the Cumulus network, opening the door for mutual learning and future collaboration.

What more, among this hooray! Cumulus BioDesign Working Group started during this conference initiated by Cumulus partner Biodesign Challenge.

We cannot wait meeting soon Jamely Esmeralda and Joao Jimenez, Cumulus Student Ambassadors of UArtes to join the next Cumulus conference in 13-19 June 2022 in Russia, info at https://cumulusrussia2022.org/

A great community of once-Cumulus-students-4ever-Cumulus Ambassadors grows 😊.

Stay tuned. The conference publication will be out soon. In Spanish and English. And more to come.

@ https://www.cumulusguayaquil2021.org/ you find more.

Warmest wishes and thanks!

Eija Salmi
Cumulus Secretary General

In the picture from the left: Susan Togra Díaz (Director of International Relations UArtes), Andrea Mazzini Galarza (International Relations UArtes), Anna Lindberg (Cumulus Coordinator), Eija Salmi (Cumulus Secretary General) and Justyna Molik (Cumulus Coordinator).

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