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Turku University of Applied Sciences

Mechanical Engineering and Design

Turku , Finland Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

TUAS’ primary task is to produce competent professionals for the development and needs of working life in Southwest Finland. We play an important part in building the competence-based competitiveness and vitality of our region through our active development, innovation and research activities.

Our communally developed Innopeda® operational model combines learning and applied research, development and innovation activities with the development needs of the working life in our region. We build flexible and multidisciplinary competence tracks that support the continuous evolution of working life. In addition to competence-based degree education, these tracks cover the development work targeted at working life and services for life-long learning.

The objective of TUAS Design Engineering Bachelor’s and Service Design Master’s programs is to spread the designerly ways of doing and learning also to the other fields than just design, and by this expansion of the viewpoints and methodologies, help the students succeed in the constantly changing world and benefit the regional working life in international competition.

International Role

Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) activity at Turku University of Applied Sciences is a combination of students’ fresh, creative and innovative ideas, teachers’ top expertise and project professionals’ experience in national and international funding possibilities, and a large international partner network.

At TUAS, we embrace internationality and warmly welcome exchange students for a semester or an entire academic year. All our faculties offer a range of courses taught in English. Every year over 300 students select TUAS as their exchange destination.

National Role

TUAS is one of the biggest Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland and an important part of Southwest Finland's development and well-being. As an educator of engineers, who specialize in design, we are a unique part of the Finnish higher education in Design.

In the field of applied research, Turku University of Applied Sciences represents the top tier in the country. TUAS coordinates or acts as a partner in over 200 RDI projects yearly.

Main Focus

– Main focus is in expanding the engineer mindset to human aspects by studying the core elements of design, and applying design viewpoints and methods.

– Main focus is in Service Design and Leadership studies, which complement the previous degrees and working experience (merges with the earlier skills and experience).

Faculties and Departments

Faculties and Departments

  • FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND BUSINESS / Mechanical Engineering and Design
  • MASTER SCHOOL / Service Design

Bachelor Level Programs

FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND BUSINESS / BA in Mechanical Engineering (Specialization in Design)

240 ECTS / 4 yrs (approx. half of the degree focus in Design):

– 60 ECTS Design modules:

  • 15 ECTS User-centered Design, Ergonomics and Usability
  • 15 ECTS Visualization and Modeling
  • 15 ECTS Ideation, Prototyping and Concept Design
  • 15 ECTS Service Design and Design Thinking

– 30 ECTS Elective studies (Design projects, web courses, exchange studies etc.)
– 30 ECTS Internship (in Design agency etc. design & engineer work)
– 15 ECTS Bachelor's Thesis (Design project for a company etc.)

Master Level Programs

MASTER SCHOOL / Master of Business Administration (​Service Design)

90 ECTS / 2 yrs

  • 10 ECTS Planning for the Future
  • 10 ECTS Service Design and Innovation
  • 10 ECTS Service Design and Business
  • 10 ECTS Service Design and Future
  • 20 ECTS Elective Studies
  • 30 ECTS Master's Thesis

Research Activity and Main Areas

Main research area is the different ways of applying design perspective in other fields than design: Mechanical Engineering, SME, Public Sector, Education

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Information on student exchange: http://www.tuas.fi/en/study-tuas/exchange-students/about/

Design Study modules in Mechanical Engineering:
– Visualization and Modeling
– Ideation, Prototyping and Concept Design
– Service Design and Design Thinking
– Capstone Innovation Project

Application Deadlines

For the spring semester:
– 15th of October for all incoming students

For the autumn semester / the academic year:
– 15th of April for all incoming students

Teaching Languages

Finnish and English

Semester Dates

Sep 1st – Dec 15th
Jan 7th – Apr 30th
May 1st – aug 31st (possible summer studies)

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

No studying fees (exchange programs)

Living costs from 500-800 euros / student / month, depending on the accomodation.


Bachelor: 600
Master: 80
Doctorate: -

Exchange Students

Incoming: 20
Outgoing: 20

Teaching Staff

Lectures: 40
Part-time Teachers: 10

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