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The Royal Institute Of Traditional Arts

Saudi Arabia Associate Member Institution

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Mission Statement

Empowering national capabilities in the field of Saudi traditional arts through a creative environment that provides educational, cultural and community programs that work to preserve and develop Saudi traditional arts.

International Role

The institue is always seeking international partners with a strong brand in the sector, a commitment to delivering quality traditional arts education, and deep expertise in running highly effective institutions. There is a very strong appetite to partner with leading institutions.

TRITA is partnering with CRAterre in our Traditional Building Apprenticship Programs, we also have many partners in the pipeline as we are applying to Cumulus, from Italy, Politecnico Di Milano, from Korea, K-Arts – KNUCH, and from Japan Kyoto Seika University. and many others.


National Role

As the Royal Institute of Traditional Arts is a goverment sector and Prince Mohammed Ibn Salman is the Honoray President of the institue, The institute is part of a bold vision for arts and culture in the Kingdom and is building on a rich cultural heritage and help to enrich and preserve traditional arts and national identity. 

Main Focus

TRITA focuses on providing education and professional training in the field of traditional arts, the institute aims to support practitioners, artists and living national treasures, and provide opportunities for collaboration, research submission, and knowledge sharing.

Faculties and Departments

 Visual Arts:

  • Books Arts
  • Fashion & Textile
  • Applied Arts
  • Building Arts

Performing Arts:

  • Traditional Dance
  • Traditional Music

Museum & Heritage Studies:

  • Museum & Heritage Studies
  • Restoration Studies

Currently, in 2021 and 2022 at TRITA there are short courses in the feild of Visual Arts and Apprenticship programs in both Traditional Building and Traditional Textile Design. 


The Appprenticship Programs started January 16th of 2022.

and the Short Courses were launched in Septmeber 2021 and are offered 2-4 intensive courses monthly. 

Bachelor Level Programs

The bachelor level programs are going to be launched by 2023, at King Salman Park Royal Complex, which is currently underconstruction. We will have bachelor degrees in the three main faculties of: Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Museum and Heritage Studies. 

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Not applicable currently, but TRITA is planning on having student exchange programs within the year 2023 and working currently with partner to have student exchange programs.


Bachelor: NA
Master: NA
Doctorate: NA

Exchange Students

Incoming: NA
Outgoing: 2-4
Others: NA

Teaching Staff

Other permanent teachers: 24

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