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Mission Statement

Make possibilities endless

To establish the School of Design as a top tier international design school, applying Asian innovation to global opportunities.


PolyU Design aims to be a leading transdisciplinary design school that: 

  • Nurtures responsible and open-minded creative talents and active learners.
  • Conducts practice-based research, covering: social design, design economy, and design making.
  • Contributes to innovation in Hong Kong and Mainland China, while maintaining a global perspective.

Core Values
Be Open-minded
Steer Positive Change
Be Entrepreneurial
Be Authentic
Be Responsible

International Role

We are open to collaboration with universities all over the world on academic collaborations – Joint PhD programmes, joint PhD supervision, student exchange, research collaboration, international workshops, project collaboration, the University's international summer school and others.


National Role

We are open to collaboration with partner universities, associations, industrial and business corporations, government and non-government organisations all over the world on academic collaborations – contract research collaboration, consultancy work, project collaboration, industrial advisors, student project clients, internship work-based supervisors, external examiners and others.  We appreciate our current partners.


Main Focus

For Bachelor level programmes, http://www.sd.polyu.edu.hk/en/education/bachelor-programmes

For Master level programmes, http://www.sd.polyu.edu.hk/en/education/master-programmes

For PhD programmes, https://www.sd.polyu.edu.hk/en/study-detail/rpg

Bachelor Level Programs

BA (Hons) Scheme in Design, 4-year full course

The Scheme offers an extensive range of different Design Specialisms that cater for tomorrow’s designers: Advertising Design, Environmental Design, Information Design, Interaction Design, Interior Design, Media Design, Product Design, Service Design, and Social Design.

This Scheme-based admission serves as an undeclared major track.  Students who enroll in the Scheme will first follow a common curriculum in year one, which provides them with a year to identify their area(s) of interest and career aspirations, facilitating their Major programme selection in year two.

Students are subject to further assessment criteria i.e. students' own choice, students' portfolio evaluation, interview performance, GPA and individual subject results in selection of awards at the end of their Year One study.

Graduates will obtain one of these awards after completion of the programme:

  • BA (Hons) in Design (Advertising Design)
  • BA (Hons) in Design (Information Design)
  • BA (Hons) in Design (Media Design)
  • BA (Hons) in Design (Environmental Design)
  • BA (Hons) in Design (Interior Design)
  • BA (Hons) in Design (Product Design)
  • BA (Hons) in Design (Interaction Design)
  • BA (Hons) in Design (Service Design)
  • BA (Hons) in Design (Social Design)


Master Level Programs

  1. Master of Design (Innovative Business Design), 12 months full-time or 3 years part-time https://www.sd.polyu.edu.hk/en/study-detail/innovative-business-design
  2. Master of Design (Intelligent Systems Design), 12 months full-time or 3 years part-time https://www.sd.polyu.edu.hk/en/study-detail/intelligent-systems-design
  3. Master of Design (Smart Service Design), 12 months full-time or 3 years part-time https://www.sd.polyu.edu.hk/en/study-detail/smart-service-design
  4. Master of Design (Transitional Environments Design), 12 months full-time or 3 years part-time https://www.sd.polyu.edu.hk/en/study-detail/transitional-environments-design
  5. Master of Science in Multimedia and Entertainment Technology, 12 months full-time http://www.sd.polyu.edu.hk/en/study-detail/multimedia-and-entertainment-technology

Research Activity and Main Areas

Research initiatives: Social Design, Design Economy, and Design Making

PolyU Design's six design research narratives:

Design Labs:
Asian Lifestyle Design Lab https://www.sd.polyu.edu.hk/en/research/research-initiatives-making-economies-and-social#asian-lifestyle
Asian Ergonomics Design Lab https://www.sd.polyu.edu.hk/en/research/research-initiatives-making-economies-and-social#Asian-Ergonomics
Interaction Design Lab https://www.sd.polyu.edu.hk/en/research/research-initiatives-making-economies-and-social#Interaction-Design
Information Design Lab https://www.sd.polyu.edu.hk/en/research/research-initiatives-making-economies-and-social#Information-Design
Public Design Lab https://www.sd.polyu.edu.hk/en/research/research-initiatives-making-economies-and-social#Public-Design
Digital Entertainment Lab https://www.sd.polyu.edu.hk/en/research/research-initiatives-making-economies-and-social#Digital-Enterntainment
Creativity and Design Education Lab https://www.sd.polyu.edu.hk/en/research/research-initiatives-making-economies-and-social#Design-Education

Doctorate Level Programs

PhD programme

3-year full-time / 6-year part-time PhD programme

Entrance Requirements: normally hold an MPhil or equivalent (a research postgraduate degree with a dissertation as an award requirement) conferred by a recognised university

4-year full-time / 8-year part-time PhD programme

Entrance Requirements: normally hold a Master’s degree; OR a Bachelor’s degree with First Class Honours (or equivalent qualification), conferred by a recognised university.

More details at: https://www.sd.polyu.edu.hk/en/study-detail/rpg

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

  • Advertising Design
  • Communication Design
  • Environment and Interior Design
  • Product Design
  • Interactive Media


Application Deadlines

Nomination and Application Deadlines

Semester 1 (Sep – Dec)
Nomination: 15 Mar for School of Design
Application: 15 Apr

Semester 2 (Jan – May)
Nomination: 15 Sep for School of Design
Application: 15 Oct

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

Semester 1: September to December
Semester 2: January to June
Summer Semester: June to July
International summer school (online): June to August

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

No tuition fee for exchange students if an exchange MoU is signed.

Tuition fee is required for Study Abroad students.


Hall fee: https://www.polyu.edu.hk/sao/srss/hall/hall-admission/hall-fee-ug



Bachelor: 700
Master: 200
Doctorate: 60

Teaching Staff

Professors: 32
Lectures: 16
Other permanent teachers: 8
Part-time Teachers: 51

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