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The Design Village

The Design Village

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Mission Statement

The Design Village believes in impact through design, a life through design.

For TDV, design does not only solve problems of today, but also proposes new ways for the future. 

International Role

TDV has an inspiring International Board of professors and professionals that have been instrumental in developoing its curriculum. The International Board of advisors ensures that the philosophy flows seamlessly in all TDV’s acitivities. It focuses on monitoring the quality of content through factuly development masterclasses, student lectures, workshops and gives TDV an international network of visiting faculty to come and inspire villagers.

The Design Village serves as the North India Campus for LEDDNA. LEEDNA invites all TDV students to spend one semester on their campus in France/Sao Paolo/Shanghai. This unique exchange between the two colleges epitomizes the cross-cultural dialogue that is vital to design in the 21st century.


Professors from TU Delft have been instrumental in developing the curriculum for The Design Village through the encouragement of the Dutch Governmnet. . Masterclasses for students and teachers at TDV are curated and conducted by the professors at the faculty of IDE every semester.


Domaine de Boisbuchet hosts professionals and students every year to experience how internationally successful professionals structure their work, and how they approach design problems. Boisbuchet serves as TDV's international campus for Summer/Winter school.

National Role

Shri Venkateshwara University in Gajraula is a UGC- recognized university with a strength of more than 10,000 students. It was founded in 2010 to offer higher education in engineering, management and medical courses. All accreditation at TDV is conferred upon by SVU.

Main Focus

The Design Village is an interdisciplinary, industry- centric design institute, based out of Noida, India.
‘The’ emphasizes the aspiration to be a premier center. ‘Design’ signifies the focus of this centre and the ‘Village’ brings in the flavour of a mix – that of institutes, associations, studios, industries, students and faculty all co-existing, co-operating and collaborating within a whole.

Faculties and Departments

Full-time four-year undergraduate programmes in design

Full-time two-year postgraduate programmes in design 

Full-time one year postgraduate executive programmes in design

Bachelor Level Programs


Bachelor of Design 

Graphics and Communication Design

Product Design

Space and Interior Design

Interaction and UX Design

Fashion and Textile Design

Transportation and Mobility Design 


Master Level Programs

Master of Design Executive – Practice of Design

Master of Design Executive – International Practice in Habitat Design

Graphics and Communication Design

Product Design

Space and Interior Design

Fashion and Textile Design


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

UG level – 

Graphics and Communication Design

Product Design

Space and Interior Design

Interaction and UX Design

Fashion and Textile Design

Transportation and Mobility Design 

Application Deadlines

30th March 2019 for the July-Dec 2019 semester 

30th September 2019 for the Jan-May 2020 semester 


Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

7th February to 30th July – Spring Semester

16th August to 15th January – Monsoon Semester

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Living costs – 250 euros per month

UG fee – 1050 euros per month 

PG fee – 1200 euros per month 


Bachelor: 123
Master: 32

Exchange Students

Incoming: 10
Outgoing: 20
Others: 10

Teaching Staff

Professors: 6
Lectures: 4
Other permanent teachers: 10
Part-time Teachers: 25

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