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Mission Statement

Making the world +simple +fair +beautiful: in the design process, designers are the people’s advocates; their role is to make life easier thanks to new experiences, requiring new services, giving birth to new products and spaces. To cope with this ambition, the training at Strate combines the capacities to master representation techniques (drawing, wolume, 2&3D…), to understand the world we are living in (humanities, social sciences…) and the close relationship with the industry (sponsored projects, masterclasses, marketing, communication…).

International Role

Strate has participated in the Erasmus programme since 1999 and has since then developed many partnerships with international schools and universities, especially for student exchanges. Strate is also developing some relations with African partners, schools and an NGO, in order to promote design and help these countries to develop their own design.

Strate is a member of the World Design Organization.

National Role

Strate is one of the founders and co-president of France Design Education, association of the French schools of design. Its role is to promote the best schools of design and to organize great design exhibitions like European Way(s) of Life (in Paris in 2002 and in Nantes in 2006). Strate also collaborates with great schools of engineering and marketing in France (Ecole Mines de Paris, Ecole Polytechnique, Ponts et Chaussées, ESTACA, EPF, ESCP-EAP, ESC Grenoble). Strate is a member of the Club 92, association of the Conseil General des Hauts de Seine, in which higher education schools, universities and companies of the Département collaborate. Finally, Strate is a member of the APCI (Agency for the promotion of industrial design) and of the IFD (French Institute of Design). Strate offers a double degree with the Business School Grenoble Ecole de Management and with Tongji University.

Main Focus

Design is the art of creating daily life objects, services and experiences, for as many people as possible, in the framework of sustainable development.

Our ambition: to train dedicated professionals, focused on the human dimension of their work, and on the needs and desires of their contemporaries.

Faculties and Departments

Design Department:

  •  Product Design
  •  Transportation and Mobility Design
  •  UX and Interaction Design
  •  Brand Design
  •  Space Design
  •  Transition Design

Mastère Innovation x Design

Design Actions Publiques

For more information: https://www.strate.design/formation


Bachelor Level Programs

3D and Physical Modeling

Master Level Programs

Design (Product, Transportation and Mobility, UX and Interaction, Brand, Space, Transition)

Master in Transportation Design


Research Activity and Main Areas

Strate Research was born from a constant observation: design and research are identified as the major levers of differentiation, of creation of value and of sustainable development by economic and political authorities. There is, thus, an absolute necessity for designers to become part of the academic and industrial research fields. Our research is built upon the simple yet strong principles. Applicative, collaborative and nurtured by technology, it is produced by designers themselves, and not by others on their behalf. In order to form designers within the methodologies proper to academic or industrial research, Strate decided to ally itself with the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers‘s Master de Recherche du Laboratoire CPI. And to become an integral part of the research community, Strate became a member of the IRI at the Centre Pompidou, as well as becoming a part of the Chaire «Modélisation des Imaginaires», a collaborative effort itself between Telecom Paris Tech and the Université Rennes 2. Lastly, Strate collaborates with industrial research laboratories of international renown in order to bring a design dimension to specific applied-research projects.

Research contact: Ioana OCNARESCU [email protected] +33 6 34 77 89 99

Doctorate Level Programs

Research Master with Arts et Métiers ParisTech

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Design (Product, Transportation and Mobility, UX and Interaction, Brand, Space, Transition)

Application Deadlines

June 1st (Fall)

November 1st (Spring)

Teaching Languages

French or English, depending on the programs.

Semester Dates

Fall semester: September to beginning of February

Spring semester: end of January to beginning of July

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Housing range between 800€ and 900€ per month.


Bachelor: 60
Master: 600
Doctorate: 4

Exchange Students

Incoming: 40
Outgoing: 60

Teaching Staff

Professors: 150

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