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Mission Statement

Shandong University of Art and Design has put first priority on art disciplines, at the same time placing importance on liberal and scientific disciplines as its two supporting wings, with the goal to foster “scientific spirit, humanistic ideals, artistic creativity, and technical skills”.

International Role

Shandong University of Art and Design vigorously expands its foreign exchange and cooperation with foreign universities and institutes, and has established close relationship with universities and colleges of art and design in America, Australia, Europe, Japan and Korea. Partner universities and institutions: – Australia College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales – Finland University of Art and Design Helsinki – France Ecole Nationale Des Beaux Arts De Lyon L’ecole de design Nantes Atlantique – Great Britain Durham University Staffordshire University – Japan Iwate University Tokyo Zokei University – Korea Daegu Arts University Daekyeung College Kyungpook National University Kyungwoon Unviersity Sunlin College – Italy Italian Cultural Center – Russia Moscow State University of Design and Technology – Sweden Royal Institute of Technology – USA University of Central Florida University of Oregon

National Role

In order to integrate education with social practice, Shandong University of Art and Design has undertaken different design projects and organized various academic activities in cooperation with other universities and associations. SUAD organized the Cumulus Seminar 2008 in cooperation with Cumulus, and Icograda Design Education Manifesto 10-Year Anniversary 2010 with Icograda. 2009 witnessed the Handicraft Creates Wealth: the Protection and Development of Traditional Handicraft International Forum. Qilu Photography Week is held every year and Qilu Photography Biennale has been initiated since 2006. SUAD faculty and students participated in the design of the logo, posters and mascot of the 11th National Games in 2009 and Shandong Pavilion of Shanghai Expo 2010.

Main Focus

BA in art, crafts, design 

Faculties and Departments

School of Applied Design School of Architecture and Landscape Design School of Arts and Humanities School of Continuing Education School of Digital Art and Communication School of Fine Arts School of Fashion Design School of Industrial Design School of Modern Handicraft School of Visual Communication Design

Bachelor Level Programs

Four-year program: Applied Design (Printing Design, Furniture Design, Advertising Design, Makeup and Image Design); Graphic Design (Graphic Advertising Design, Brand and Corporation Identity Design, Packing Design, Book Design); Decorative Design (Ceramics, Gold and Silversmithing, Fiber, Dyeing, Lacquer, Glass); Architecture (Landscape Design, Interior Design); Industrial Design (Product Design, Exhibition Design, Public Infrastructure Design, Industrial Ceramics Design, Tourist Product Design); Fashion Design; Painting (Mural, Oil Painting, Chinese Painting – figures, Chinese Painting – Mountain, Water, Flower and Birds); Sculpture; Animation (Animation Design, Animation and Cartoon Illustration); Film and Television (Digital Film and Television, Film and Television); Photography (Digital Multimedia Design, Commercial Photography); Performing (Fashion Show); Calligraphy; Art and Design Study (Design History and Theory); Fine Art Study (Fine Art History and Theory); Advertising (Design Management); Packing Engineering; Fashion Engineering Five-year program: Architecture

Master Level Programs

Three-year program: Art (Art Theory, Folk Art Study, Art Aesthetics, Art Criticism, Cultural Industry Study, Traditional Arts and Crafts, Non-material Cultural Heritage and Cultural Ecology Study); Fine Art (Fine Art History, Fine Art Theory, Study on Chinese Paintings, Study on Sculpture, Decorative Painting, Oil Painting, Mural Art, Calligraphy); Art and Design (Design History, Art and Design Theory, Art and Design Aesthetics, Design Management, Visual Communication Design, Packing Design, Brand Design and Promotion, Book Design, Furniture Design, Industrial Product Design, Public Infrastructure Design, Exhibition Design, Landscape Design, Interior Design, Public Art Design, Fashion Design Study, Gold and Silversmithing, Ceramics, Glass, Fiber, Tourist Product Design and Study, Animation and Cartoon, Photography, Digital Art and Communication Study)

Research Activity and Main Areas

SUAD has set up Chinese Folk Art Research Institute, Image Research Institute, Landscape Design Research Institute, Glass Research Institute, Furniture Research Institute, and etc.

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

All subject areas are open to exchange students

Application Deadlines

End of March (for autumn semester), End of September (for spring semester)

Teaching Languages

Chinese, some staffs can speak English

Semester Dates

Autumn semester: September to January Spring semester: February to July

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

380 euros per month


Bachelor: 7100
Master: 600

Exchange Students

Incoming: 20
Outgoing: 20
Others: 50

Teaching Staff

Professors: 55
Lectures: 222

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