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Scientific College of Design

Scientific College of Design

Muscat , Oman Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement


Scientific College of Design is committed to academic excellence, student centeredness, and offers art & design education in an engaging environment to prepare students for creative careers and empower the community at large.


Scientific College of Design aspires to occupy a preeminent position among regional art and design institutions and shape a generation of professional artists and designers.


Scientific College of Design is guided by these set of values in conducting its daily activities, and in planning future activities.

  • Excellence

Strive to uphold academic integrity including fairness, trust, respect, honesty and accountability.

  • Professional Ethics

Foster a community of artists and designers who uphold a strong sense of professional ethics and moral responsibility.

  • Ethical and Moral Responsibility

Foster a community of artists and designers who operate as an extended family with a strong sense of leadership and ethical and moral responsibility.

  • Lifelong Learning

Promote the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and personal and professional development throughout one’s lifetime.

  • Transparency

Maintain a culture of transparency among all SCD stakeholders.


  1. Maintain academic excellence through robust policies, operational plans and procedures.

  2. Empower students to attain their intellectual and creative potentials through application of their theoretical and practical knowledge.

  3. Provide a state of the art infrastructure and educational resources that keep abreast of artistic advancements.

  4. Encourage faculty for professional development and research activities.

  5. Foster a culture of community engagement to ensure productive relationships with external stakeholders.

International Role

The Scientific College of Design has set up Memorandum of Understanding with several international universities for exchange of expertise.

1. University of Miho, Protugal

2. Al Menia University, Egypt

3. 6th of October University, Egypt

4. Cairo University

National Role

The Scientific College of Design has set up memorandum of Understanding with various higher educational institutions, National Museum, and local mininstries.  Other higher education institutions are mainly for echange of expertise, benchamrking studies of academic programs, and participation of engagements.

Main Focus

The Scientific College of Design is a specialized art & design higher education institution.  It was affilitated to the Lebanese American University from 2004 to 2018.  SCD programs are baed on a standardized national General Foundation Program (English, Math, and Computer) followed by a Design Program then a three year specialization program. The institution has been locally accredited in 2018 by the loca accreditation agency: Oman Accademic Accreditation Authority.  The medium of instructions in all programs is English except for Fashion Design, Arabic is the Medium of Instruction.  


Faculties and Departments


1. Architecture & Interior Design

2. Graphic Design

3. Fine Arts

4. Fashion Design

5. English, Humanities, and Basic Sciences (Supporting Department)

Bachelor Level Programs

1. BS in Interior Desgin

2. Bachelor of Architecture

3. BS in Graphic Desgin (Print)

4. BS in Graphic Design (Digital)

5. BS in Graphic Design (Hearning Impaired)

6. BS in Animation

7. BA in Fine Arts

8. BA in Photography

All programs include one general foundation year plus four years of specialization except Architecture is one plus five years.

Master Level Programs

1. Master of Design (Visiual Communication)

2. Master of Design (Interior Design)

3. Master of Fine Arts in fine Arts

* Programs will start Fall 2021/ 2022.

** Duration of study is two years

Research Activity and Main Areas

Research activities are within the college specializations of Architecture, interior design, fine arts, and graphic design.  The college has a research plan with 100% support for reserch activities such as publications and conference participation.

Doctorate Level Programs

Not available

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

No formal agreement has been set up as a result of a conservative society.


Bachelor: 1200
Master: NA
Doctorate: NA

Exchange Students

Incoming: NA
Outgoing: NA
Others: NA

Teaching Staff

Professors: 24
Lectures: 12
Other permanent teachers: NA
Part-time Teachers: 12

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