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National College of Art and Design Dublin

School of Design

Ireland Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

To provide educational excellence through Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Research and Lifelong Learning Programmes.

International Role

Active participation in LLP –ERASMUS, Leonardo and Fulbright. Over 60 Bilateral Partnership Agreements in place in Europe and N.America. Membership of ELIA.

National Role

Member of founding consortium for the National Digital Research Centre (5); Partner in Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media (4); Participant in Digital Humanities Observatory (9).

Main Focus

Art, Design & Education (teacher training)

Faculties and Departments

School of Design

School of Fine Art

School of Visual Culture

School of Education

Bachelor Level Programs

(3 year)

Product Design, Design for Body & Environment (Fashion, Jewellery, Printed Textiles Surface), Communication Design (Graphic Design, Illustration Design, Moving Image Design), Interaction Design 

Fine Art (Media, Painting, Print, Sculpture)

Education (4 year)

Visual Culture (3 year)

Master Level Programs

(2 year MA)

Product Design, Design for Body & Environment (Fashion, Jewellery, Printed Textiles Surface), Communication Design.

(1 year MA) Interaction Design, Service Design. (1 year MSc) Medical Devices

(2 year MA) Education

(2 year MFA) Fine Art

Research Activity and Main Areas

User-centred design, Cultural Participation, Critical Pedagogies and Creative Practices, Visual and Material Culture, Innovation & Engagement (technology transfer & commercialisation)

Doctorate Level Programs

Art, Design, Education, Fine Art, & Visual Culture

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Design: Fashion, Textiles Surface Design, Communication Design, Product Design

Fine Art

Application Deadlines

15 October

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

October – December January – March April – May

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

€500– €750 accommodation €300 – 400 living


Bachelor: 1250
Master: 150
Doctorate: 30

Exchange Students

Incoming: 60
Outgoing: 60
Others: 700

Teaching Staff

Professors: 4
Lectures: 200
Part-time Teachers: 100

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