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Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design


Stockholm , Sweden Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

We offer particularly promising and motivated students and researchers in the areas of art, design, fine craftsmanship and art teacher education an international, multidisciplinary research environment.

Our programmes offer a wide selection of artistic methods as well as critical dialogue.

High quality, humanism, sustainable development and high demands for creative ability
characterise Konstfack's study programmes and research

International Role

Konstfack enters into various partnerships with the goal of creating new platforms for our students and researchers to develop internally and to find new paths.

Today, we offer everything from opportunities for student exchanges with some 90 partner schools and courses in entrepreneurship with other institutions, to an environment where ideas and innovations can be nurtured to become paying activities and a research network and courses for graduate students together with other university colleges, as well as joint courses together with other international schools.

Konstfack promotes understanding of the changing cultural and social conditions to which art, fine craftsmanship, design and art teacher education are subject

National Role

Konstfack is part of SSEC, Stockholm School of Entreprenuership together with KTH, KI and SSE, www.sses.se. Konstfack is part of Studying Stockholm, an organization including all universities in the Stockholm region. All departments at Konstfack do have their own business contacts.

Main Focus

Arts, Crafts and Design and Art Education. BA and MA

Faculties and Departments

Department of Crafts: Textiles, Ceramics & Glass, Jewellery & Corpus
Department of Design, Interior Architecure and Visual Communication: Interior Architecture & Furniture design, Industrial design and Graphic design & Illustration
Department of Fine Art
Department of Teacher education in Visual Arts and Sloyd 

Bachelor Level Programs

BA in Graphic Design & Illustration
BA in Industrial Design
BA in Interior Architecture & Furniture Design
BA in Ceramics & Glass
BA in Fine Art
BA in Textiles
BA in Jewellery & Corpus

Master Level Programs

MA in Craft
MA in Design – Spatial Design
MA in Design Ecologies
MA in Fine Art
MA in Visual Communication

Research Activity and Main Areas

The research at Konstfack is characterised by the interaction of artistic and practical standpoints with scientific perspectives. An overarching aim is that Konstfack's research should contribute to a sustainable future.

At Konstfack research is conducted within the areas of design, arts, crafts, visual communication and arts education. The research aims to radically rethink the relationship individual-community-environment, and ultimately to contribute to a more sustainable society. The research should bring new perspectives and suggest sustainable solutions for the future.

Doctorate Level Programs

Doctoral Programme in Art, Technology and Design

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Exchange options on BA level (only Fine Art has options at MA level):

Industrial design: Spring semester 2nd BA, Fall semester 3rd BA
Interior Architecture & Furniture Design: Spring semester 2nd BA, Fall semester 3rd BA
Graphic Design & Illustration: Spring semester 2nd BA, Fall semester 3rd BA

Fine Arts: Spring and Fall semester during 2nd BA and 2nd semester MA level
Textile: Fall semester 2nd BA
Ceramics and Glass: Fall semester during 3rd BA
Jewelery and Corpus: Fall semester during 2nd BA and Spring semester during 2nd year BA
Teacher education in Visual Arts and Sloyd: Spring semester during 3rd BA, but flexible


Application Deadlines

Oct 15 for Spring semester

May 1 for Fall semester

Teaching Languages

On the BA level the teaching language is Swedish, if there are exchange students taking part in the course the tutoring will be in a mix of Swedish and English.

Our MA programmes are all given in English.

No exchange students are expected to know any Swedish.

Semester Dates

Fall semester – end of August to mid of January
Spring semester – mid of January to the beginning of June

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Approx. 10.000 SEK/month


Bachelor: 469
Master: 149
Doctorate: 10

Exchange Students

Incoming: 30
Outgoing: 30

Teaching Staff

Professors: 15
Lectures: 34
Other permanent teachers: 77

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