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Mission Statement

Kingston School of Art at Kingston University seeks to engage in innovative practice-focussed education in art and design. Through a focus upon disciplinary expertise rooted in professional practice and industry, the Faculty seeks to diminish the boundary between study and work, education and practice. It places great importance on the role of 'making' art, design & architecture, and has strategically placed interdisciplinary workshops at the heart of its curriculum. These include a sector-leading 3D workshop, Digital Media workshops, Premier Filming Studios and Suite, Fashion workshops, and analogue and digital photography suite. Throughout its curriculum and resources, the Faculty has embraced the innovations of digital technology within the context and tradition of analogue precedents. We remain committed to artists, designers and architects who think critically, and make practically.

International Role

 Kingston School of Art has formal links in China, India, Korea, Norway and Japan. We have been running many projects in collaboration with the British Council in China, Korea as well as Japan. These include the prestigious Dreamlab, involving over 40 universities in China and carried out in partnership with the RCA, Design Museum and Science Museum. Many student projects collaborate with professional business partners such as Colite, Lloyd Loom, Lego, IKEA, Tate Modern, The Design Museum, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Museum of London, Gap, Levi and Brookes Brothers have carried out extensive projects with fashion students. Architecture has been listed as one of the world’s top100 schools by Domus magazine. Lady Gaga has been wearing clothes designed by a Kingston student. Creative Review regularly features prize winning projects by students from graphic design and Illustration. The Kintakyo Bridge project has been installed at the Japanese Embassy; The EU Waterways Project has been running for several years from the Interface Studio at Kingston. Film making students have internships at the British Film Institute (BFI), D+AD and RSA awards are overwhelmingly acquired by Kingston students from the design schools and the current holder of the Turner Prize is just one of our staff who regularly work and exhibit on an international and national platform.

National Role

Located in South West London, Kingston University benefits from the cultural, industrial and social resources of a world city. Kingston School of Art benefits from educational, industrial and cultural partnerships across the city, the country and throughout the world. For the past two years Kingston University has been placed in the top of the Guardian League Table for Art & Design, and our Design School was recently listed as one of the top ten international schools by Red Dott. Recent and current partners include the Royal College of Art, University of Arts London, New Balance, Gap Inc, Brooks Brothers, Woolworths (SA), the Design Council, the British Council, the V&A, the Science Museum and Historic Royal Palaces.

Main Focus

Kigston School of Art has a long and successful History, with the original art school founded in 1890s. However, the Faculty is committed to the future and the ways in which our courses and students will play a part in forming and improving the world – locally, nationally and internationally. In particular, for example our MA Design for Development exemplifies our commitment to social and ethical approaches to art, design and the built environment education and we also have a commitment to sustainability running through all our courses. Many of the courses are developed in collaboration with related industries and institutions, which inform and finance many student projects.

Faculties and Departments

We have four Schools within KSA, composed as follows:

 School of Art & Architecture

  • Department of Architecture & Landscape
  • Department of Film and Photography
  • Department of Fine Art

School of Critical Studies and Creative Industries (CSCI)

  • Department of Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI)
  • Department of Critical and Historical Studies (CHS)
  • Department of Foundation Studies

The Design School

  • Department of 3D Design
  • Department of Fashion
  • Department of Graphic Design
  • Department of Illustration Animation

School of Arts Culture and Communication

  • Department of Humanities 
  • Department of Journalisum, Publishging and Media
  • Department of Performing Arts 


Bachelor Level Programs

Please read about our full range of BA (Bachelor) programmes offered in the Faculty and wider University here: http://www.kingston.ac.uk/courses/find-a-course/undergraduate/faculty-listings/1-kingston-school-of-art/

Master Level Programs

Please read about our full range of Masters programmes offered in the Faculty and wider University here: http://www.kingston.ac.uk/courses/find-a-course/postgraduate/faculty-listings/1-kingston-school-of-art/  

Research Activity and Main Areas

The main areas are those listed under doctoral programmes – therefore we can offer supervision to students in these areas. Please read about our research programmes and centres here: https://www.kingston.ac.uk/faculties/kingston-school-of-art/research-and-innovation/  

Doctorate Level Programs

Please read about our Doctoral programmes here: http://www.kingston.ac.uk/research/

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

You can study as an Exchange Student in all areas of Kingston School of Art  to an appropriate English Language qualification and portfolio review. You can find out about studying with us via our dedicated International page here: https://www.kingston.ac.uk/visitingstudents/

Application Deadlines

Please see our dedicated International page here: https://www.kingston.ac.uk/visitingstudents/ for information regarding our application process and deadlines.

Teaching Languages

We teach in English and run Pre-sessional English classes which can be viewed by going to https://www.kingston.ac.uk/international/pre-sessional-english/

Semester Dates

You can find out about our semester dates here:



Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

We suggest you plan to spend approximately £6500.00 – £10,000.00 per year; you can find out more information here: 



Bachelor: 2858
Master: 836
Doctorate: 184

Exchange Students

Incoming: TBC
Outgoing: TBC

Teaching Staff

Professors: TBC
Lectures: TBC
Part-time Teachers: 300 HPLs

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