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Mission Statement

Duoc UC´s mission is “We educate people, in the technical and professional fields, with a solid ethical base inspired in the Christian values, capable of making significant contributions to the labor world and committed with the development of society”.

International Role

Our international role is to develop cooperation programs with foreign institutions for training Duoc UC students and faculty in the areas of academic exchange, collaborative projects with the academy and industry, COIL projects, continous improvement, among others.

National Role

Leader in training of design and communication, with more than 10,000 full time students, we have partnerships and constantly develop projects along with the industry, public and private institutions and associations for real training of regular students and valuable information for updated education.

Main Focus

Each associate and professional program and curriculum in the areas of Design and Communication is designed and updated according to current and future industry needs, involving representatives of each area of study, industry members, alumni, and academic staff from Duoc UC and other academic institutions.

In order for students to develop their skills and abilities, exercising their profession in such a way that they can make a significant contribution to society, the School of Design of Duoc UC, in line with the Institutional Mission, acts on the basis of an Academic Project that considers a practical and contextualized training.

For the deployment of the Academic Project, the school has a community of teachers from the professional environment, aligned and highly qualified, which is constantly updated in disciplinary, pedagogical and technological aspects.

Reaffirming the student as the center of our educational work, strategies have been defined to improve their learning experience, so that they can develop fluently in a highly dynamic world.

Faculties and Departments

DuocUC has nine schools, among them are the member units of Design and Communication.

Bachelor Level Programs

Duoc UC teaches 4 year programs (professional) and 2 year programs (associate). The structure is according to law and to the Chilean higher education system

School of Design https://www.duoc.cl/escuela/diseno/

  • Professional Degrees: Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design
  • Associate Degrees: Illustration, Web Development and Design

School of Communication https://www.duoc.cl/escuela/comunicacion/

  • Professional Degrees: Audiovisual Communication, Sound Engineering, Acting, Advertising, Public Relations, Digital Animation
  • Associate Degrees: Audiovisual Technician, Sound Technician

Research Activity and Main Areas

Research in Duoc UC is focused in Applied Research and Innovation. 


Its maint objective is to create, develop and consolidate the ecosystem of applied research, innovation, and transfer of Duoc UC, systematically impacting mainly students and teachers, alumni and professionals, as appropriate, seeking to add value to our educational processes and industrial and social sectors.

School of Design main reserch areas (tendencies and drivers):

Digital Transformation
New Consumer Habits
Science and Space
Universal Quality of Life
Life Extension

Ongoing Projects: 





Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Product design, fashion design, graphic design, interior design, illustration, web design, audiovisual communication, advertising, acting, public relations, sound engineering, digital animation.

Application Deadlines

15 August– 15 October*: First semester application (March – July)

15 February– 15 April*: Second semester application (August – December)

* Students of Chinese nationality are advised to apply as early as possible as visas can take up to 6 months.

Teaching Languages

Every program is taught in Spanish.

Semester Dates

First semester: March – July

Second semester: August – December

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

$800 usd monthly (approx).


Bachelor: 10000

Exchange Students

Incoming: 20
Outgoing: 12

Teaching Staff

Professors: 120
Part-time Teachers: 280

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