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Hogeschool Rotterdam/Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKA) and School of Communication, Media and Information Technology (CMI)

Netherlands Full Member Institution

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Mission Statement

“It is our mission to help our students become the creating pioneers the economy is looking for, and to prepare them for their international professional careers.”

Right at the heart of the design city of Rotterdam is the Willem de Kooning Academy. Its striking complex of buildings houses many workshops and studios (‘stations’) where students can work on a very wide range of challenging projects. Students work individually or in teams and are supervised by tutors and visiting tutors. The Willem de Kooning Academy runs technical workshops from beginners to advanced level.

International Role

One of 55 Dutch Universities of Professional Education. Actively involved in 4 major international networks for art education. Bilateral agreements with well over 70 international partners institutions.

National Role

One of 16 regional Universities of Professional Education.

Main Focus

“Creating pioneers” is Willem de Kooning Academy’s mission. Pioneers – because the academy is not there to reproduce what already exists, but to put the applications and techniques available in the near future into practice right now. Our students themselves are the creative pioneers the creative sector so badly needs. Willem de Kooning Academy’s role is to help our students to become pioneers.

Faculties and Departments

Willem de Kooning Academy (BA degree course)

Piet Zwart Institute (MA degree courses)

School of Communication, Media and Information Technology (BA degree courses)

Bachelor Level Programs

Willem de Kooning Academy

BA Fine Art, BA Graphic Design, BA Advertising&Beyond, BA Illustration, BA Fashion Design, BA Lifestyle, BA Spatial Design, BA Product Design, BA Animation, BA AudioVisual design, BA Photography, BA Fine Art & Design Teacher Training. All courses: 4 year duration. Double Degree RASL (Rotterdam Art and Science LAB) duration 5 years.

School of Communication, Media and Information Technology

BA Software engineering BA Computer engineering, BA Creative Media and Game Technologies, BA Communicaton & Multimedia Design, BA Communication





Master Level Programs

Piet Zwart Insitute 

MA Fine Art, MA Media Design, Experimental Publishing MA Design, Lens-Based, ,MA Interior Architecture: Research + Design, , MA Education in Arts. All courses: 2 year duration. Master of Design (2 year parttime)

Subject Areas for Exchange Students

All subject areas are open to exchange students, subject to portfolio review.

Application Deadlines

Autumn: 1 May

Spring: 1 November

Teaching Languages


Semester Dates

Autumn: 1 September – 31 January

Spring: 1 February – 15 July

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Monthly rent: from €350

Food, transport, materials, etc.: €300 – €500


Bachelor: 1800
Master: 80

Exchange Students

Incoming: 65
Outgoing: 50

Teaching Staff

Professors: 11
Lectures: 3
Other permanent teachers: 27
Part-time Teachers: 130

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