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Mission Statement

ESAD’s mission is founded on three pillars: education, improvement, and innovation. Training students to participate and compete nationally and internationally, keeping up with the growing demands of understanding the role of design and the arts, and widening creative, critical, and technological competencies.

International Role

ESAD collaborates within students and teachers exchange programmes and in International Projects. ESAD aims always to reinforce and diversify the partnerships.

The internationalization of the school goes back to its foundation. It passes through the ERASMUS+ exchange, for the mobility of students, teachers and technical personnel, for the dissemination of academic projects and for the accomplishment of events and design publications. Currently, ESAD has bilateral partnerships and agreements with about 150 higher education institutions from five continents.

National Role

ESAD collaborates with other educational institutions, namely at Higher Education level. ESAD also collaborates with the industrial and administrative sectors within the development of products and services namely trough ESAD Idea and INDI (Industrial Design Research). 

Main Focus

Design (Product, Interiors, Communication, Fashion) and Arts (Digital Arts & Multimedia)

Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Design: Comunication Design, Interior Design, Product Design, Fashion Design.

Faculty of Arts: Digital Arts and Multimedia.

Bachelor Level Programs

BA  in Design: Comunication Design, Interior Design, Product Design, Fashion Design.

BA in Arts: Digital Arts and Multimedia







Master Level Programs


* Comunication Design – https://www.esad.pt/en/cursos/mestrado/design-de-comunicacao b;

* Interior Design – https://www.esad.pt/en/cursos/mestrado/design-de-interiores;

* Product Design – https://www.esad.pt/en/cursos/mestrado/design-de-produto

Advances Studies: Automotive and Transportation Design, Editorialand e-publishing Design,  Furniture Design; Illustration and Digital Animation; Motion Design, Packaging Design, Type Design, Design for Social Impact.

Research Activity and Main Areas

Esad-Idea: http://www.esadidea.pt/

Esad-Idea, Art and Design Research is a structure launched in 2013 that comprises ESAD’s research and develops design, curatorship, publishing, research and consulting work specialising in cultural and municipal project. It has its headquarters in esad – idea space and manages this space alongside with Casa do Design and Incubadora de Design do Mercado in Matosinhos.Some of its recent activity includes the Year of Portuguese Design (2015), the Portuguese representation at Triennale di Milano(2016), Porto Design Biennale (2018, 2020) and frequent collaborations with Porto and Matosinhos councils.

Doctorate Level Programs


Subject Areas for Exchange Students

Communication, Product, Interiors, Fashion and Digital Arts & Multimedia

Application Deadlines

Regualr students for all year: end of June / July

Erasmus + students: 1st/Autumn semester or all year – May 31th; 2nd/Sping semester: 31th October


Teaching Languages

Portuguese (and English to help foreign students)

Semester Dates

September – July (9 months)

September – February (5 months)

February – July ( 5 months)

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

600 euros


Bachelor: about 850
Master: 35 + 35 PG

Exchange Students

Incoming: 90
Outgoing: 30

Teaching Staff

Professors: 30
Lectures: 40
Other permanent teachers: 70

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