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Ecole Supérieure d’Art et Design de Saint-Etienne (ESADSE)

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Mission Statement

By providing the three major options that make up artistic education in France, which are Art, Communication-Multimedia and Design, the task of the ESADSE is to train artists, designers, graphic designers, writers, creators and, more generally, professionnals who are skilled in all areas that develop imagination, creativity and inventiveness.

International Role

Since 1991, ESADSE has built an international network with 60 schools in the world for students’ exchanges, workshops, exhibitions. ESADSE is member of ELIA, CUMULUS, Art Accord France and founded the International Design Biennial in 1998. ESADSE works in different european projects: HUMANTEC, ELIA RE:SEARCH, ELIA INTER-ARTES, ADMIRE…

National Role

ESADSE represents the core of CITE DUDESIGN, founded in 2005 as a platform for oberservation, creation, education and research through design. ESADSE co-operates with School of Theatre, University Jean Monnet, School of Architecture, School of Ingeniors, School of Music, Business School, City Council, Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Art and Industry and Museum of Mine, le Corbusier espace and the City of Firminy, Villa Gillet, ADERA network of schools in Rhône-Alpes. ESADSE leads research projects with social economic sector.

Main Focus

Training creators in art, design and Communication-Multimedia

Faculties and Departments

Art Department Communication-multimedia Department Design Department Post-Diploma: "Design and Research"

Bachelor Level Programs

DNAP = Bachelor (Diplôme Notional d’Arts Plastiques) 3 years of study after baccalauréat (ie: baccalauréat – initial educational certificate)

Master Level Programs

DNSEP = Master (Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique) 2 years of study

Research Activity and Main Areas


Doctorate Level Programs

Post-Diploma –

Subject Areas for Exchange Students


Application Deadlines

1. semester (autumn): 15 May 2. semester (summer): 15 November

Teaching Languages

French (some teachers and academic staff speak English)

Semester Dates

1. semester: October till February 2. semester: March till June

Cost of Living Per Month (Studying and Living)

Living expenses are 900 € per month (including approximately, rent, food and public transportation) and not includind material expenses.


Bachelor: 46
Master: 27

Exchange Students

Incoming: 32
Outgoing: 31

Teaching Staff

Professors: 36
Lectures: 20
Other permanent teachers: 8
Part-time Teachers: 7

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